Esquire launches all-in-one purpose-built secure solution for virtual depositions

Esquire eLitigate™, Esquire’s Innovative New Videoconferencing and Exhibit Management Tool, Helps Attorneys and Court Reporters Standardize and Optimize Virtual Deposition Processes

Atlanta, GA — Nov. 4, 2021 Esquire Deposition Solutions today announced the commercial launch of its Esquire eLitigate™ solution, an innovative technology tool designed specifically for attorneys and court reporters conducting virtual depositions. 

Esquire eLitigate ushers in a new era of standardized and optimized virtual depositions, completely changing the deposition experience. The purpose-built solution integrates video conferencing, video capture, exhibit management, private sidebar rooms, and searchable in-proceeding testimony review tools. It revolutionizes the practice of law in a virtual setting by allowing lawyers, paralegals, corporate clients, and court reporters to collaborate remotely on depositions using a single tool. 

The Esquire eLitigate platform delivers greater comfort levels, increased efficiency and productivity, and fewer logistical burdens on paralegals and other support teams. According to an Esquire survey*, 56% of attorneys experienced with remote depositions have expressed concern about managing exhibits in a virtual environment. eLitigate’s easy-to-use mechanisms remove exhibit management process challenges common with general-purpose platforms.

“Litigators have repeatedly told us exhibit management, technology, and security are the top concerns when conducting virtual depositions. In our survey, almost 70% of attorneys said preparing for and conducting virtual depositions require more considerations than in-person,” said Terrie Campbell, Chief Executive Officer at Esquire. “eLitigate addresses these top concerns, thereby enabling attorneys to focus on practicing law without worrying about the technology they are using.”

Although general-purpose videoconferencing platforms have become widely adopted by litigators, they pose inherent security risks, present inconsistent workflows, and are difficult to manage. Until now, applying appropriate security protocols for tools not specifically designed for virtual depositions has been a major challenge. 

Unlike disjointed mashups of siloed technologies, eLitigate’s one screen, one URL solution combines innovative solutions designed specifically for virtual depositions in a single seamless platform. Purpose-built to provide a secure virtual deposition environment, Esquire eLitigate operates the way a litigator operates, delivering a virtual experience similar to being in a deposition room with the witness.

For more information about the Esquire eLitigate platform, please visit or check out these two videos:  

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*This Esquire-led survey was conducted via Qualtrics between September 15-October 4, 2021. There were 721 litigating attorney respondents.


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