Depositions are more flexible, efficient, and cost-effective with videoconferencing tools from Esquire Deposition Solutions.

Esquire gives you the option to hold your traditional deposition in one room or multiple rooms via cost-saving videoconferencing technology. Videoconferencing brings all parties "face to face," whether they are in the same room or a thousand miles apart. With videoconferencing, litigators separated by geography gain all the benefits of an in-person deposition without scheduling headaches and travel expenses.

Esquire Deposition Solutions' videoconferencing services will ensure that you catch all the important details of every deposition.

Our videoconferencing solutions for court reporting are easy and secure. You can improve your deposition management or prepare your witness using your computer, tablet, or phone, even if you or your witness can’t make the trip. For even greater control, add electronic exhibits and leverage real-time using Esquire Remote Services.

Business people having a meeting and a video conference in a modern office conference room.

The Benefits of Esquire Deposition Solutions Videoconferencing Services

  • Save on costs through reduced travel.
  • Use anywhere in the world with a high-speed Internet connection and a room system or computing device with a webcam.
  • Display witness video and exhibits simultaneously.
  • Support staff can attend remotely, providing discrete assistance throughout the deposition.
  • In-person attendees can gather in a conference room in one of our many locations.
  • Multipoint access via a room system, webcam-connected PC or Mac, iPhone, iPad, or phone.
  • Avoid address spoofing with secure, encrypted videoconferencing software.



The ease of scheduling proceedings, and the online calendar are fantastic and help make my job much easier. The technology is also up to date. We do a lot of videoconferencing, which makes out-of-state or out-of-the-area depositions much more efficient and convenient.

Kate Freitas, Legal Assistant, Marderosian & Cohen
Fresno, CA


"The ease of scheduling and online calendar are fantastic and makes my job much easier. The technology also is up to date. We do a lot of video conferencing which makes out of state or out of the area depositions much more efficient and convenient."

- Kate Freitas Legal Assistant  Marderosian & Cohen Fresno, CA

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