Leveraging technology to bring a new level of efficiency to your depositions.

Esquire provides easy-to-use technology solutions for managing your deposition scheduling, documents, video, exhibits, and more. We help legal professionals save valuable time with our digital products and services. See how Esquire’s technology can bring a new level of efficiency to your next deposition.

EsquireConnect Deposition Management Portal

Welcome to your own personalized online client portal to manage the entire deposition process on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

  • Schedule a deposition in moments, attach a notice, and receive an immediate email confirmation
  • Enter your frequently-used information once and never have to retype it
  • Create shared case calendars and send your team notifications of settings and changes
  • Review and pay invoices online
  • Search, view and download your transcripts and exhibits in moments
  • Video and transcript synchronization files are available for download in the repository

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Remote Deposition Solutions

Esquire provides a reliable, easy, low-cost way to attend depositions or depose witnesses in remote locations.

  • Our flexible platform offers electronic exhibits, review-ready session video, flexible videoconferencing, realtime transcription, and live video streaming
  • Participate in fully interactive, multi-party video conferences simply by using an Internet-connected computer, tablet, smartphone, or traditional VTC system.
  • Our highly secure system is uniquely tailored to meet the needs of litigation professionals involved in high-stakes depositions, arbitrations, and meetings

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Esquire Digital Exhibits

Eliminate paper exhibits at the deposition and enjoy greater flexibility and control.

  • Upload all of your documents prior to – or during – the deposition
  • Attend the deposition from anywhere using your computer or tablet
  • Access, introduce, and mark exhibits, regardless of whether you’re attending the deposition in person or from thousands of miles away
  • We support Lexcity by eDepoze
  • Certified partner of LiveLitigation

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Video Conferencing

Depose globally. Stay locally. Esquire’s portable video conferencing solution provides an easy, secure, and low-cost way to fully participate in a deposition – or prepare witnesses beforehand – using your computer or tablet, even if you or your witness can’t make the trip.

  • Fully interact with the deponent from another location
  • Use anywhere in the world with a high-speed internet connection
  • Enjoy the industry’s highest level of security
  • Realize cost savings and greater efficiencies through reduced travel

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Esquire eDepository

Powered by Box
Esquire’s cloud-based depository makes handling construction litigation documents simple.

  • eDepository is a fast and flexible online depository that puts your litigation documents at your fingertips. Access any file type, anytime, anywhere, on any device to keep your case moving.
  • eDepository is easy to use, with only minimal training needed, no software required, and no setup or upfront charges.
  • Using Box cloud technology, eDepository adheres to the highest industry standards for security and is HIPAA compliant.

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Esquire Solutions - Testimonial

We worked with Esquire for the first time on this case and have been using them ever since. From accurate transcripts to quick turnaround times to impressive technology solutions, Esquire delivered on every promise made. Esquire’s flawless management of this case made all the difference."

Senior Paralegal
AmLaw100 Firm, New York, NY