Digital Exhibits

Leverage the power and efficiency of digital exhibits for your next litigation engagement.

Digital exhibits streamline the introduction and organization of evidence during in-person or remote depositions and administrative proceedings. With digital exhibits and a laptop or tablet device, attorneys can access, introduce, annotate, and share any case-related file - even from a remote location.

Trim travel expenses, minimize deposition preparation times, and stop spending money on copying, binding, organizing, and shipping paper exhibits. Produce the right exhibit at the right time with a press of a button. Maintain complete control of deposition exhibits and reveal them only when you’re ready. Esquire Deposition Solutions gives you the power to do all this and more, regardless of whether you’re attending the deposition in person or from a thousand miles away.

For the management and presentment of large document collections for remote or in-person proceedings, AgileLaw, an Esquire Deposition Solutions service offering, provided by Esquire, is an advanced exhibit management and presentation solution that makes it easy for you and your staff to prepare, manage, share, and present exhibit files efficiently, as well as maintain a central collection of exhibits for the life of the case.

With AgileLaw, you can:

  • Organize and present exhibits across multiple proceedings via a tablet or laptop.
    Create custom file names to identify documents easier.
  • Create a working copy with highlights, comments, and bookmarks that only you can see, and use it to shorten the time it takes for the witness to move from page to page.
  • Introduce and stamp all exhibits, maintaining your pace of questioning (simplified sharing, stamping, distributing)
  • Direct the witness to a specific page with a click with all parties able to see what the witness is viewing, and allow the witness to review a document.
  • Secure exhibits before, during, and after the proceeding.

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Overall, it was a great system and I look forward to using it again. I’m quite pleased. I really like the functionality.


– Tom Fulford, Prince Lobel


Learn how easy and reliable remote depositions can be.

Be portable and cost-effective with videoconferencing.

Schedule depositions and manage settings all in one place.

Conduct powerful depositions anywhere with digital exhibits.

Digital exhibits with Esquire Digital Solutions are the high-value, high-impact choice.