International Depositions


Take the stress out of cross-border depositions with industry-leading support.

International depositions are complex.

International depositions, when compared to depositions conducted locally, require a higher level of support from your deposition services provider. Esquire Deposition Solutions will ensure that every aspect of your case, including scheduling, technology, production, and exhibit management, is coordinated and executed flawlessly.

International litigation adds complexity to case management due to the involvement of multiple sovereign states, each with its own laws relating to personal jurisdiction, service of process, evidence authentication and admission, the swearing of witnesses, and discovery procedure. Esquire Deposition Solutions conducts foreign depositions across the globe using our international network of court reporters. We have the resources and experience to simplify your global court reporting services.

Feel confident with our full logistical support for international depositions. Hundreds of litigators select Esquire Deposition Solutions as their trusted partner for conducting international depositions. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable in unique challenges presented by depositions conducted outside the United States, including:

  • Foreign deposition etiquette.
  • Handling exhibits and designations.
  • Proper transcript formatting.
  • Swearing in witnesses.

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