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We solve litigation's most common problems.


The Esquire Approach

Our infrastructure and processes are designed to make depositions more efficient and effective in all types of litigation.



We handle deposition setup and help corporate litigators organize and track information in complex, large-scale cases so legal teams can concentrate on achieving successful litigation outcomes.


Information Security

Esquire’s layered and interlocking physical, digital, and procedural risk management framework enables us to provide our clients with the most secure legal services in the industry.


Insurance (Claims & Risk Management)

Esquire’s insurance solutions services harness technology and personal case management processes to keep even the most complex insurance litigation cases organized, searchable, and secure.


Law Firms

We provide venues, court reporters, technology, and legal knowledge and case management expertise to help today’s “always on” law firms handle their high-demand workflow.

Esquire Deposition Solutions packages its robust, industry-leading service offerings into complete solutions for commonly encountered problems in pretrial discovery and case litigation. Rely on us to help your law firm, corporate legal team, or insurance department succeed in litigation, whether your case is routine or highly specialized.


Esquire’s support during both the deposition and trial phase of the case was outstanding. No matter where in the country the depositions were occurring, we had an excellent case management team to handle all of the details for us. The fast and accurate turnaround on transcripts was a real asset to our team.


– Jeffery A. Garofalo, Partner, Lee, Hernandez, Landrum, Garofalo, Blake


Start off right with a complete deposition solution.

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