Intellectual Property & Patent Litigation     Deposition Services

Facilitating communication and conducting depositions near and far.

Intellectual property cases are largely handled out of court. To achieve positive results, litigators must pool their resources and services during patent litigation depositions to ensure top-level understanding and comprehensive data collection for each witness. Coordinating nationwide depositions, organizing the information obtained from them, and communicating with fellow litigators are common tasks that create problems Esquire Deposition Solutions' patent litigation services team is designed to solve.

Information & Process Management

Your Challenges

The frequency and scale of patent and intellectual property cases keep litigation out of most courts. Doing so places an extra burden on litigators to maintain steady deposition management and obtain and distill necessary information for case success.

Being tied up out of court forces litigators to spend extra energy and attention on discovery to ensure that parties settle in favor of their clients. Such a level of diligence requires no less than the universal organization tools and services for patent litigation provided by Esquire Deposition Solutions.

There isn’t enough time for litigators to travel across the nation to meet plaintiffs and defendants for depositions. It’s also a challenge to set up videoconferencing, record audio and video at depositions, and get reliable transcripts from court reporters anywhere in the country.

Esquire's Solutions

With the help of our case managers and worldwide intellectual property and patent litigation support services, you can put your mind on what it will take to win your case while we provide depositions space, coordination, exceptional court reporters, incredibly accurate transcripts, and additional recording and organization services.

Tracking case files is especially troublesome in patent litigation, wherein knowledge is your most powerful tool. To ensure that settlements go in your client’s favor, and that they include just compensation for damages, you’ll need organizational software that tracks video, audio, and written recordings of discovery and delivers them right away.

Each country's patent laws keep most litigation within the country, but it can still become taxing to travel or coordinate depositions across each country. Esquire Deposition Solutions retains a highly skilled network of court reporters all over the United States, delivering accurate transcripts and video depositions anywhere in the nation.

All the Patent Litigation Support You’ll Ever Need

Stay on top of the ever-growing demands of discovery in patent litigation with the help of Esquire Deposition Solutions and enjoy:

  • Simple Organization – Keeping your information in our searchable database with the help of our case managers is the easiest way to stay on top of knowledge and information organization.
  • User-Friendly Communication – With our tools and expertise, it’s easy to track who is working on what and where. Monitor and adjust communication flows based on who’s involved to stay informed.
  • Improved Workflow – Get more out of your daily workflow by leaving highly involved coordination and organization to the experts at Esquire Deposition Solutions.

Harness our purpose-built tools and unmatched intellectual property and patent litigation court reporting and deposition services to focus your efforts back on winning
the big case.