Complex Case Litigation Management

Getting depositions right for you across town or around the world.

Complex cases are exceptionally demanding.

Rarely is any legal matter straightforward. As interested parties and case-related information grow, so too do the demands on attorneys and law firms. Complex case management doesn’t just require greater access to resources; it also demands more efficient use of time and tools as well as smart organization of knowledge and information to produce the best possible outcomes for clients.


Your Challenges

Increasingly complex relationships among defendants, plaintiffs, and their attorneys create webs of legal relationships that everyone must track. Over time, multiple parties may lodge complaints related to the original complaint, and contested legal issues multiply.

Discovery in complex cases can unearth much more information than legal professionals initially estimate. All the information provided by witnesses must be organized by a professional acting as a manager in a complex case; taking on that role as an attorney takes time away from the legal process.

Just as working with co-defendants and cross complaints complicates information management and processing, working on cases with greater-than-usual volumes of clients, witnesses, and interested parties, all of whom share multiple relationships, becomes a task of management in itself.

Esquire's Solutions

EsquireConnect funnels and sorts the information necessary for you to handle complex cases. Access and share that information while communicating with fellow legal professionals in a single, digital space designed to manage complex litigation.

Esquire’s highly skilled dedicated case managers are expertly versed in our software suite, know the complexities of the legal process, and have years of experience handling and organizing information and coordinating communications for national and international complex cases.

Consider Esquire Deposition Solutions to be your internal complex case manager. As an extension of your team, our role is to offload the deceptively difficult tasks of deposition, court reporting and communication management in complex case litigation so that you can focus on strategy and execution.

Simplify Your Role in Complex Cases

Adding Esquire’s complex case management offerings to your toolset yields rapid improvements in deposition management and organization processes with rewards such as:


  • Transparency – You are in control of information and communication. We build transparency and visibility into every aspect of what we do so you know how and why Esquire executes top-tier complex litigation case management.
  • Effectiveness – Services like EsquireConnect help you get more usable information out of your depositions through easy access, quick sharing, robust management, and seamless collaboration.
  • Security – Set aside your fears of information loss and sensitive information compromise. Esquire's Global Security Model is a layered physical, digital and procedural risk management framework to protect the network, safeguard all client data and support your client obligations.

We built an impressive network of court reporters and dedicated complex case managers who know the Esquire Deposition Solutions software suite better than anyone.

Esquire's purpose-built tools and complex case management services allow firms to focus their efforts on winning the case.