Introducing a secure, purpose-built, all-in-one integrated Virtual Deposition platform.

COVID-19 upended many tried-and-true ways of doing business in 2020. For court reporting and conducting depositions, it was a tsunami of change. In a flash, meeting in person was no longer an option. While things may have slowed down initially, litigation and the practice of law found new ways of moving forward.

Zoom and other videoconferencing software quickly became accepted tools for replacing what used to be done in person. But they also showed their limitations. Videoconferencing and exhibit management happened on different platforms. Lawyers and court reporters often had to double as IT managers.

Now, as we see light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, and we transition to a new hybrid virtual/in-person model for work, the industry is grappling with how to put what it has learned during the pandemic into practice.

It's about adding security to enhance our roles as guardians of the record. It's integrating videoconferencing and exhibit management tools so they work together seamlessly. It's operating in ways that improve how court reporters, lawyers, paralegals, corporate legal departments, and everyone else in the litigation ecosystem do their jobs.

The opportunity exists for a purpose-built virtual deposition solution that stands out as a clear winner for today's modern litigation challenges.


A Powerful Partnership

eLitigate is the combination of Esquire’s secure infrastructure and court reporting services with vTestify’s innovative virtual deposition platform. This partnership delivers the industry’s first, highly secure, fully integrated end-to-end solution for deposition management before, during, and after the deposition.

This partnership developed as a result of shared core values of reducing technology barriers to access to justice. Esquire eLitigate’s powerful testimony capture platform furthers Esquire’s mission to preserve and protect the sanctity of the record to ensure equal access to justice for all.

For more information on the Esquire / vTestify partnership, read our joint press release.

Welcome to The Future of Remote Virtual Depositions.

eLitigate is a purpose-built, secure Remote Virtual Deposition Platform with all-in-one videoconferencing and exhibit management capabilities for attorneys and court reporters.

eLitigate is built on innovative technology combined into one seamless platform that allows attorneys to focus on practicing law, not technology.

eLitigate standardizes and optimizes virtual depositions, ushering in a new era of court reporting with integrated video conferencing, video capture, exhibit management, sidebar rooms, and a rich set of testimony review tools with searchable in-proceeding speech-to-text streaming.

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eLitigate Features

Virtual Deposition Platform

Esquire eLitigate is a purpose-built remote deposition platform that combines secure video conferencing, interactive exhibit management, and cloud storage of deposition assets in a simple to use, professional interface.

Web-Based Platform

Nothing to download or install, the Esquire eLitigate platform is browser-based, so there is no need to ask permission from an IT administrator.

Integrated Exhibit Management

All-in-one exhibit management that mirrors in-person deposition workflows with an intuitive private preview, and public-view tab system for controlled exhibit sharing.

Testimony Playback with Esquire eLitigate ScriptSync

Live running speech-to-text rough viewable in real-time. Enables users to search and playback the actual record via an audio clip that is synchronized with the speech-to-text.

Advanced Exhibit Capabilities

Ability to keyword search, annotate, apply signatures, draw shapes, and expand exhibits to view in full-screen mode.

Private Sidebar Rooms with Lock

Non-discoverable sidebar rooms that can be locked and are accessible with a single click, simplifying off-the-record communication.


Securing Remote Proceedings Podcast

Ari Kaplan recently invited Terrie Campbell, CEO of Esquire Solutions, on the Reinventing Professionals podcast to discuss how court reporting has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic, including a new remote litigation environment and accelerated trajectory of remote proceedings.

Data Security

The Esquire eLitigate platform’s underlying technology provides comprehensive compliance and security that meets the legal industry standards; all media traffic, audio, and video are AES-256-bit encrypted from end-to-end.

Video Capture

High-definition video capture records directly to the cloud with flexible recoding modes enabling videographers to easily capture all participants or only the witness.

Always Evolving

The Esquire eLitigate product is updated every week, driven by customer feedback and market demand in our efforts to provide the highest quality, purpose-built, virtual deposition experience.

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