Securities Litigation
Deposition Services

We offer unparalleled support in high-stakes situations.

Securities litigation can arise from the mishandling of tradeable financial assets, from complications or missteps during mergers and acquisitions, and from state and federal regulatory enforcement activities. Securities cases can have dire consequences for individuals in management positions and the companies involved (such as large fines and settlements, or even criminal convictions). As such, they tend to be large in scale, move rapidly, and attract greater attention from the news media and general public.

Esquire Deposition Solutions is prepared to support you in your high-stakes securities lawsuit. We’ll handle your depositions and help you manage great quantities of information so you can focus on achieving a positive outcome.

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Your Challenges

Securities cases require an exhaustive review of numerous documents, including those supporting multiple fraud claims or years of financial statements. Interviewing the many deponents and organizing their testimony can also be a lengthy and arduous process.

Because securities lawsuits tend to involve high-profile companies and government entities, they generate more publicity, and the financial stakes involved may put sensitive information relating to the case at greater risk of attack. Litigators must work harder to ensure total privacy and information security.

Economic globalization increases the likelihood that involved businesses and individuals are located in multiple countries, creating the need to conduct depositions remotely.

Esquire's Solutions

EsquireConnect helps you organize the extensive amounts of information inherent to a securities case. Storing all of the information in a single, secure, on-line portal facilitates information sharing and communication with other parties.

Esquire's Global Security Model is a layered physical, digital and procedural risk management framework to protect the network, safeguard all client data and support your compliance obligations. Client data is encrypted end-to-end: workstations, laptops, servers, mobile devices, video and audio streams, including transcript processing and delivery. 

Using state-of-the-art videoconferencing technology, we’re able to conduct remote depositions between locations all over the world, while our expansive court reporter network provides coverage both internationally and throughout the United States.

Comprehensive Complex Case Management

Esquire’s comprehensive complex case management approach can make even the largest and most complex securities cases less challenging. You can focus more of your time and effort on developing your legal strategy when you rely on the following tools and skilled personnel:

  • Litigation experts coach and manage the entire deposition process, making it easy to track who is working on what and facilitate the flow of information between all invested parties.
  • Esquire Case Managers serve as single point of contact.
  • Esquire’s White Glove Service coordinates all activities so you can focus on the case.

High-stakes litigation benefits from a high-performing vendor. Esquire Deposition Solutions can help you make cases of any size more manageable.