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The world of litigation is rapidly evolving. Learn how to get more from your investments, improve outcomes, and seize the opportunities inherent in change.

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Expert witnesses, your quintessential storytellers

Verdicts often come down to who tells the better story. As a litigator, you sometimes need help telling your story, so you turn to an expert witness.

When you work with experts, are you getting everything you need from them? Many lawyers aren’t.

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If only I’d had video…

I was a big-firm litigator for 14 years before joining Esquire as general counsel. I loved the chess match, the battle, and pinning opposing witnesses down.

But on one particular day, in a complex securities arbitration, I found myself sitting in the witness chair.

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Multigenerational approach drives growth in law firms

The aging workforce poses risks for every business – and law firms are hardly an exception. The vast majority of managing partners are baby boomers, age 52 to 71. Are you prepared for upcoming decades? It’s not easy.

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Don’t complicate complex litigation

Complex litigation. It’s a synonym for high stress, and it’s daunting for law firms, lawyers and the people who support them. What exactly does the term complex litigation mean? It generally signifies a case with high stakes, complicated procedures, multiple parties, multiple jurisdictions, media scrutiny, lengthy discovery and big investments in time and money. Class […]

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The case for video depositions

The law is made up of words, documents and abstractions. Many of us love this stuff. And we’re good at it. But it can put the rest of the world to sleep.

Take jurors, who live normal lives steeped in TV and

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Let’s (re)think depositions

The world has gone digital – well, most of the world has. We’ve digitized the way we work, communicate, analyze, predict, sell and buy. The practice of law has gone digital as well. There’s electronic case research, court filings, discovery, records management, video testimony and more.

So why do depositions still have to be so paper-intensive?

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Who knew? A weapon to tackle ALAE, ULAE and loss cost

We don’t usually traffic in alphabet soup, but we know insurance defense, and we know how important each of these acronyms is to your business. They’re major costs you want to reduce. If you’re a claims exec, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you’re new in the industry, let me explain.

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How to hone young lawyers’ deposition skills

It’s the same in law as it is in sports: great performances build on good practice.

For young attorneys, though, opportunities to practice depositions can be scarce, especially in real-life settings. That’s because litigation is increasingly focused on bet-the-company matters, and in those matters, senior litigators take center stage.

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Join a deposition from plane? Why not?

Practicing law can be stressful, and the stakes don’t get much higher than defending a high-profile class-action suit. Except when you’re defending one of the biggest companies on the planet. And you’re the lead attorney on the case. And it’s looking like you’ll have to miss the most important deposition in the case.

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eBook: Get the Most From Remote Depositions

Remote depositions are an exciting, rapidly maturing method for making depositions more cost-effective and strategic. Download our eBook to learn: What are remote depositions? Why should you care about remote depositions? What are some use cases for taking remote depositions today? Eight best practices for conducting effective depositions using remote technology.

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The growing challenge of international litigation

International litigation poses a host of challenges for firms and their clients, and the demand for services related to this litigation is rising.

The share of corporate counsel needing to conduct cross-border discovery rose to 41 percent in 2015-2016, up from 35 percent the year before.

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Corporate counsel, outside attorneys teaming up for better depositions

As general counsel, you typically let your outside attorneys manage your cases. You can’t be everywhere at once and only have so much bandwidth to monitor each discrete activity—from the initiation of a suit through judgment—in each of the dozens or hundreds of matters on your plate.

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Six success factors for better remote depositions

Maybe you’re considering remote depositions to save yourself (and your clients) time, money, and headaches. Or you’re already doing depositions remotely and want to improve. Either way, these six factors will help you get the most success, savings, and satisfaction out of your remote depositions.

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Five reasons you should consider remote depositions

Grandparents chat face-to-face with grandkids over iPhones. Facebook users broadcast live from concerts and games. Pundits Skype into CNN every day. Yet lawyers still fly around the country with boxes of hard-copy exhibits to conduct depositions in person. Why?