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Esquire Viewpoint: Getting you ready for what's next in litigation

The world of litigation is rapidly evolving. Learn how to get more from your investments, improve outcomes, and seize the opportunities inherent in change.

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Corporate counsel, outside attorneys teaming up for better depositions

As general counsel, you typically let your outside attorneys manage your cases. You can’t be everywhere at once and only have so much bandwidth to monitor each discrete activity—from the initiation of a suit through judgment—in each of the dozens or hundreds of matters on your plate.

Smiling businesswoman gesturing in meeting in conference room Drive Better Outcomes

Six success factors for better remote depositions

Maybe you’re considering remote depositions to save yourself (and your clients) time, money, and headaches. Or you’re already doing depositions remotely and want to improve. Either way, these six factors will help you get the most success, savings, and satisfaction out of your remote depositions.

Business people sitting and discussing in board room during video conference meeting. Build the Bottom Line

Five reasons you should consider remote depositions

Grandparents chat face-to-face with grandkids over iPhones. Facebook users broadcast live from concerts and games. Pundits Skype into CNN every day. Yet lawyers still fly around the country with boxes of hard-copy exhibits to conduct depositions in person. Why?