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Covid-Enforced Virtual Working Boosts Litigators’ Confidence In Tech Skills

Of all the changes that COVID-19 imposed upon us, remote working has been one of the most profound. Now it has become a permanent fixture in full-time, part-time, or hybrid variations across many industries, including the legal profession.

To understand how remote work affects attorneys’ day-to-day lives, Esquire executed a survey with litigators to explore the realities of working in a virtual environment. From respondents’ candid appraisal of their personal technical skills to their views on the highs and lows of conducting virtual depositions, the results shine a spotlight onto some of the key issues attorneys face in this new environment.

This eBook reveals that the legal profession as a whole has undergone a pronounced change that is likely to endure. Many litigators now think very differently about the impact and importance of legal technology, their own technical skills, and the way they do their jobs in the light of the shift to remote settings. While remote working has been a revelation for many in terms of productivity and work-life balance, it has shone an unflattering spotlight on the use of generic videoconferencing offerings for virtual depositions and underscored the need for platforms that are purpose-built to maximize their effectiveness in a legal context.

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