Product Liability Litigation
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Schedule and conduct depositions anywhere with ease.

In product liability litigation, the manufacturer of an allegedly dangerous product or drug must be prepared to defend the company in multiple jurisdictions at the same time. Pretrial discovery is always a daunting task, with potentially hundreds of lawsuits filed across the country over a single product or drug. These are the types of cases where a deposition services provider with national reach like Esquire Deposition Solutions is invaluable. Since 1978, 98 percent of AMLAW 100 law firms have partnered with us to gain the reporting expertise and case management services necessary for high-stakes product liability litigation.

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Your Challenges

A product liability claim may proceed on multiple, and often novel theories of recovery, putting pressure on litigation counsel to be both rigorous and nimble when developing litigation strategy. Longer and more complex discovery processes involve heavy documentation.

There are many reasons why a product may be unlawfully defective—for example, poor design, faulty assembly, or flawed marketing. Pretrial discovery can be a long, painstaking process as litigation counsel researches the product’s development and learns what may or may not have caused an alleged defect.

Between consumers and the multitude of employees involved in a product’s various stages of production and distribution, there is a long list of people who may be found at fault in a product liability case. Working with large volumes of clients, expert and lay witnesses, and interested parties increases a case’s complexity.

Esquire's Solutions

The information and document management required in complex litigation can be simplified using Esquire’s proprietary EsquireConnect client portal. Legal teams can stay on top of a changing deposition calendar, create custom calendar reports to keep everyone on the same page. EsquireConnect provides secure team access to transcripts, exhibits, and videos.

Your dedicated Esquire case manager helps you navigate the complexities of the deposition, coaching the litigation teams and managing the deposition process. Esquire White Glove Services handles and organizes deposition information and coordinates all communication with other parties.

The court reporters in Esquire’s global network can assist with depositions both across the United States and internationally. The ability to conduct depositions remotely through videoconferencing makes it easier to depose the greater number of witnesses typical in product liability litigation.

Simplify the Product Liability Deposition Process

Esquire’s experience and unsurpassed deposition support take the hassle out of the discovery process so you can focus on your case. You can count on our team to serve your requirements with complete:

  • Efficiency – Managing the numerous parties and documents involved in a complex product liability lawsuit is arduous. We make sure you maintain a forward-moving workflow.
  • Transparency – You have visibility into every step we take to improve your depositions.
  • Security – You and your clients can rest assured our industry-leading security measures will keep your information safe from theft or alteration. Esquire's Global Security Model is a layered physical, digital and procedural risk management framework to protect the network, safeguard all client data and support your compliance obligations.

Esquire Depositions and its network of highly skilled case managers will help you  navigate the intricacies of your case.

Take unnecessary stress and cost out of managing deposition logistics.

Esquire Deposition Solutions is deposition management done right.