Arbitration & Mediation

Conduct your arbitration and mediation with our well-equipped and convenient arbitration and mediation centers.

Meet with clients and conduct arbitration and mediation in a professional environment created to accommodate your legal needs. Every Esquire Deposition Solutions location offers everything you need for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), including access to experienced court reporters, advanced technology, and concierge-level support in a modern, well-appointed, luxurious space.

Many of our offices across the U.S. provide you with arbitration and mediation services, including:

  • Convenient downtown locations in all major litigation markets.

  • Integrated and customized “courtroom-style” evidence presentation system.

  • Fully stocked break rooms stocked with all-day refreshments and snacks.

  • Breakfast and lunch by request to help keep your day on track.

  • Early, late-night, and weekend access to arbitration suite and breakout/war rooms.

  • Complete on-site production capabilities, videoconferencing, and audio/visual equipment.


I like the ease of scheduling proceedings at 'out of town' locations. Additionally, I do not have to search for a court reporter.

– Barbara Cok, Legal Staff, Will Ferguson & Associates, Albuquerque, NM


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