EsquireConnect Deposition Management
Client Portal

Welcome to your personalized online portal to manage the entire deposition process.

Gone are the days of excessive paperwork and intensive deposition calendar management. Using new technology-enabled deposition technology, Esquire Deposition Solutions helps you streamline your deposition management securely from your own personal Esquire portal.

You will have the power to schedule a deposition in moments, attach a notice, and receive immediate email confirmation. You can reschedule, postpone or cancel, and notify everyone simultaneously. Increase your efficiency with document management as you search, view, and download your transcripts, videos, and digital exhibits quickly. Have your invoices at your fingertips with online invoices, and download them or pay by credit card online.

EsquireConnect, our cloud-based client portal, gives you the tools you need to get more done in your day. With EsquireConnect, you can:


· Keep your team notified of new settings and changes.
· Send real-time proceeding notifications and case calendar updates.
· Stay organized with several views of all proceedings.
· Notify others when the transcripts are available.

Capture & Organize

· Download video and transcript synchronization files from the repository.
· Find, view, and download transcripts and exhibits in moments.
· Create case, attorney, and client scheduling reports in moments.
· Maintain a corporate or firm repository.


· Maintain control of the attorney’s deposition information despite staff changes.
· Increase efficiency and accuracy the more you use EsquireConnect.
· Save time by attaching the deposition notice.


· Create scheduling teams, and schedule for multiple attorneys.
· Enter frequently used information once and access with a single click.
· Reschedule, postpone, and cancel depositions on your schedule.
· Schedule a proceeding in moments, any time of the day or night.
· Synchronize with Outlook calendars.


· Manage Esquire billing for your entire office.
· Pay invoices by mail, credit card, or electronic (ACH) with secure online payment.
· Review past and current Esquire invoices.


Cancelling a deposition using EquireConnect is  a breeze, the online services are user-friendly, and if i need to call, I’m never on hold, and my question is answered immediately.

— Julianne Pisano, Legal Assistant, Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company

EsquireConnect makes coordinating depositions and hearings a breeze! It’s user-friendly and easy for all team members to see what has been scheduled and confirmed.

— Susan Merriett, Paralegal, OLDER LUNDY KOCH & MARTINO

Using EsquireConnect has saved myself and my firm so much time when scheduling depositions. It is a breeze to schedule or reschedule any proceeding. Also, we enjoy the fast processing of the Zoom links which are provided quickly compared to other court reporter companies.

— Erika Miller, Legal Assistant, Butler, Weihmuller, Katz, Craig, LLP

EsquireConnect is very easy and efficient to use. I prefer to use it over calling in the details.

— Julie Potthoff, Legal Secretary, Fox Rothschild LLP

I love EsquireConnect. It just puts everything together in one place that is easy to access and navigate. Its greatest feature is access to transcripts. It also makes requesting services simpler because I can check the website to see what jobs are listed for my entire organization.

— Christos Kostogiannes, Legal Assistant, Cole, Scott & Kissane


Learn how easy and reliable remote depositions can be.

Go paperless with digital exhibits in your deposition.

Be portable and cost-effective with videoconferencing.

Get the Advantage of Digital Management with the EsquireConnect Client Portal

Esquire Deposition Solutions helps you become more organized and efficient.