International Deposition

We provide the support you need to win in any jurisdiction.

Depositions carried out in foreign countries call for extra care when coordinating deposition times and places, and reliably recording witness testimony. The inclusion of more than a single sovereign state obligates all parties to honor the discovery procedures and personal jurisdiction laws of the countries in which depositions take place. Esquire Deposition Solutions helps you handle the complexity of international litigation with global court reporting and interpretation services - in addition to the superior organizational systems we offer to every client.


Your Challenges

To get the most out of each witness, it is the responsibility of litigators to proceed with discovery bearing in mind the typical deposition processes in foreign countries. Understanding how attorneys and witnesses interact across the globe is essential to success.

It is indispensable in international litigation to accurately transcribe, translate, and interpret witness testimony the first time. The most minor of details can sway the direction of each case, and both prosecuting and defending attorneys must do their part to ensure the accuracy of facts.

Tracking what witness gave which testimony and where creates extraordinary challenges in data organization. You’ll need access to searchable information that you can retrieve before, during, or after a deposition.

Esquire's Solutions

Our network of pre-vetted court reporters isn’t limited to work in the U.S. Esquire’s network extends internationally. Our reporters located around the world are prepared to take on tasks with the same attention to detail and accuracy as our U.S. network.

Count on our knowledge of international litigation and deposition etiquette as well as our understanding of foreign justice processes to ensure that your discovery is productive and useful across countries.

For accurate testimony, you’ll need the assistance of local experienced interpreters to translate accurate meaning from the deposition participants. 

International Deposition Modernized

Technology and globally tailored court reporting services from the international litigation experts at Esquire Deposition Solutions enable:

  • Faster Information Turnaround – U.S. discovery goes through a complex enough process. International litigation is even more complex, but Esquire is prepared to handle it.
  • Deeper Translations – Witness testimony is rarely something that can be taken at face value. Knowing the subtlety of the language chosen by a witness during discovery is a remarkable advantage.
  • Reliable Workflow – Recreating a process for each international deposition is tiresome. Let Esquire Deposition Solutions create a go-to workflow for international depositions.

Harness Esquire's purpose-built tools and unmatched international deposition services to focus your efforts back on winning the big case.

We put our clients first in every offering and service. Your success is our goal.