Law Firm Deposition Solutions

We offer comprehensive services to help your firm win more often.

Attorneys and Law Firms

For law firm leaders who strive to deliver quality services, provide more value to clients, improve profitability, and bolster competitive advantage, Esquire Deposition Solutions can ensure attorney and client satisfaction and reduces risk with full-service deposition services, industry-leading security, advanced technology, and consistent, cost-effective, local-touch services in nearly any location.

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Your Challenges

Running a litigation schedule is hard enough. Planning depositions and tracking coordination between attorneys and clients both build on the challenges that impede success.

Most discovery-related documents are held digitally, which opens sensitive information to new and unexpected threats. While attorneys within a firm are attempting to win cases, they are also juggling information security and management.

It isn’t always possible to communicate with clients, attorneys, or other key participants face to face. Gathering all the necessary people and resources at a single location can slow down the deposition process.

Esquire's Solutions

Technology and reporting expertise allow us to provide you with firm-wide deposition solutions. Bolster your competitive advantage with continually high-quality depositions while reducing costs with our information management and scheduling systems.

Esquire's Global Security Model is a layered physical, digital and procedural risk management framework to protect the network, safeguard all client data, and support your compliance obligations. Client data is encrypted end-to-end: workstations, laptops, servers, mobile devices, video and audio streams, including transcript processing and delivery. 

Our goal is to provide consistently reliable deposition solutions in any part of the world with support that operates on a local level so that you can connect with the Esquire Deposition Solutions staff members who watch diligently over your case.

The Esquire Way to Manage Depositions

Every minute your litigation team spends searching for a deposition location and court reporter is a minute that could be used to win your case. Put time back into their workday by engaging Esquire Deposition Solutions. Our international reach and cutting-edge technology mean that, in almost every case, we can meet your specifications at the time and place you require. 

  • Client Satisfaction – By providing security for your information, and maintaining local-level support, we give you the edge you need to achieve success for your  client.
  • Resource Management – Maximizing efficiency on the business side is just as important as building a winning robust case for clients.
  • Dependability – Esquire's consistent, comprehensive, high-quality, and reliable deposition services support your law firm’s brand and reputation.

Whether it's providing top-tier court reporting services or managing depositions and discovery documents, let Esquire Deposition Solutions be your partner for litigation success.