Remote Depositions

Safely and effectively depose witnesses or attend depositions at a distance with 
Esquire's remote depositions technology.

It isn’t always possible, convenient, or cost-effective to gather all parties together for a deposition at one physical location. With Esquire’s suite of remote deposition solutions, you’ll never have to again. Our reliable, easy-to-use remote services allow you to attend depositions or depose witnesses with your computer or mobile device from anywhere in the United States or around the world.

Gain access to high-definition videoconferencing, real-time transcription software, digital exhibit management, and everything else you’ll need to make your remote depositions a success. A dedicated support team will be available to help you before, during, and after, along with:

  • Remote Reporters who are experienced court reporters, trained and certified by Esquire in remote proceedings, swearing in the witness, controlling the proceeding as they normally would, expertly capturing the record remotely via videoconferencing technology, and taking custody of the introduced exhibits to produce the final transcript.
  • Remote Videographers who are professional videographers that ensure the remote proceeding is recorded on the record and produce either a synchronized video with transcript or an unsynchronized video.
  • Remote Technicians who provide in-proceeding audio videoconferencing technical support, drive meeting controls, troubleshoot technology issues, and oversee Zoom breakout room setup and management.
  • Remote Interpreters are available in over 200 languages and attend the proceeding remotely.

We offer advanced training and conduct testing with each user and location to make sure every event goes smoothly.

Count on Esquire’s highly qualified personnel, state-of-the-art technology, and industry-leading security measures for an excellent remote deposition experience every time.

“Everything went smoothly. After doing 10+ remote depositions over the last two months, I wish to never go back to in-person depositions."


– Maria H. Chaves-Hawley, Attorney, GEICO

Videoconferencing via Zoom or Webex

  • Participate in fully interactive multiparty videoconferences
  • View multiple feeds on one screen simultaneously
  • Connect instantly without installing software
  • Experience a secure connection with high-quality audio and video
  • Add technical support services if necessary

Electronic Exhibits

  • Upload or email files to our secure, enterprise-edition cloud-based file repository
  • Share exhibits in-proceeding via Share Screen or File Share
  • Attend the deposition with instant access to all your documents
  • Maintain control over exhibit management

Breakout Rooms via Zoom

  • Conduct private, off-record sidebar discussions with witnesses, legal teams, or clients outside of the main videoconference
  • Use Chat, Screen Share, and File Transfer options
  • Activities within the breakout room are not recorded

View our “How to Conduct Depositions Online: What You Need to Know” webinar to learn critical steps for avoiding the pitfalls of inaccurately conducting depositions online, discover what options are available, and see how they work.


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Go paperless with digital exhibits in your deposition.

Be portable and cost-effective with videoconferencing.

Be successful with your international depositions.

Conduct depositions anywhere with virtual solutions.

Esquire Deposition Solutions provides the secure, powerful tools
that can give you the flexibility you need.