Construction Defect Litigation
Deposition Services

Manage large volumes of information and numerous party relationships.

Construction defect cases are one of the most costly and complex forms of litigation. These typically feature a large number of interested parties with a stake in the outcome. Relationships among the parties are dynamic, often diverging unpredictability. Without fully managed construction litigation and court reporting solutions like those offered by Esquire Deposition Solutions, discovery and case management can be challenging.


Your Challenges

Volumes of information on contracts, plans, specifications, schedules, due diligence on contractors, correspondence, and order changes complicate construction litigation. Without managed solutions in place, information can disappear quickly.

Many parties are involved in construction litigation, including engineers, owners, insurance carriers, design professionals, suppliers, product manufacturers, general contractors, and other specialists - thus adding complexity to the proceedings.

Outcomes in construction litigation depend heavily on expert evidence. Most cases feature several expert witnesses, each one offering a different interpretation of the evidence. Capturing, evaluating, and organizing their testimony and supporting materials is challenging.

Laws controlling outcomes in construction defect cases can change rapidly. Parties involved in construction litigation must be knowledgeable on current case law, statutory requirements, as well as local regulations such as zoning and building codes.

Esquire's Solutions

Complex case information needs a hub from which related parties can access it with little time and effort. Esquire Deposition Solutions’ eDepository, our cloud-based depository powered by Box Enterprise, is free, fast, flexible, and secure. Download or upload any file type anytime, anywhere, on any device.

A dedicated Esquire depository coordinator will help facilitate eDepository services for you. Your coordinator will maintain construction defect case binders with a constantly updated index, organize notices and deposits, fulfill client requests for documents, and help with demos for the eDepository platform.

We can manage the largest high-profile construction defect cases to meet any of your needs. Let your dedicated case manager set up depositions and meetings while setting easy-to-follow expectations and actionable orders. Connect the litigation team to the deposition full-circle, from scheduling to the repository and invoices. We’ve created a software platform, EsquireConnect, so that you can more easily control, share, and secure the deposition process.

Our best-in-class partnerships allow us to develop protocols for electronically stored information that protect you and your clients. Coupled with our unparalleled deposition management and trial services that include court reporters and trial technician partnerships, we’re a complete service package for construction defect litigation.

Construction Litigation Just Got Easier

Helping to simplify the complexity of construction defect litigation is an extraordinary task, but as a result of years of experience handling depositions and depository management for the most complex construction cases in the world, we have built systems and services that provide:

  • Efficiency – Complexity in construction defect litigation causes challenges in efficiency. We can help improve your workflow.
  • Effectiveness – Bolster your client satisfaction and build the bottom line by gaining transparency into every component of the construction defect depository and deposition processes.
  • Security – Protect your information and that of your clients from risk of information loss or breach, and ensure peace of mind with top-tier security protocols built into the eDepository and Esquire services. Esquire's Global Security Model is a layered physical, digital and procedural risk management framework to protect the network, safeguard all client data, and support your compliance obligations.

Handling complexity is the Esquire Deposition Solutions specialty, which is why our robust information and knowledge management systems and unbeatable support drive so many positive outcomes in construction defect litigation.