The Esquire Approach

Our infrastructure and processes are built to make your deposition experience efficient and effective.

Esquire Approach


Deposition service delivery and management requirements vary widely depending on the case. Traditional services and litigation support providers tend to be “one size fits all” in nature. Esquire Deposition Solutions works differently. We provide personalized service from the moment a conversation begins with a potential client. Our entire organization, infrastructure, and approach ensure that you get the outcomes you expect.

Everything about Esquire is built to deliver flexibility and client responsiveness. We will provide you with the deposition solutions your specific case requires, backed by our knowledge and experience. Our dedicated case managers, advanced technology, and client-centric service mission help you complete your deposition with ease.

Deposition Services Delivery

Busy litigators need reliable partners. With Esquire, you can be confident that the deposition process will be handled in an organized and time-efficient manner before, during and after your proceeding.

Every Esquire deposition begins and ends with our Center of Excellence (CoE). When you contact Esquire to schedule a deposition, either by telephone, email, or online via EsquireConnect, our CoE reservations team is immediately assigned to your case. An Esquire specialist will review and schedule your deposition, address your questions, and work directly with your local Esquire office team to provide you with a dedicated and reliable service partner to address your unique needs.

The moment you arrive for the deposition, you will be greeted and supported by one of Esquire’s qualified court reporters. You can feel confident that everything will be in order prior to the deposition. After the deposition is complete, our team will produce the transcript and exhibits in a timely manner, with multiple quality control measures to ensure accuracy. The Esquire CoE will respond to any final needs and answer any questions you may have.

Technology & Infrastructure

Esquire's advanced technology simplifies the deposition process. We aim to improve your experience before you even begin with easy access to EsquireConnect. EsquireConnect allows you to control, share, and secure your litigation discovery process all in one place, making it easy for legal teams to work together while maintaining complete control over every deposition detail, regardless of case complexity.

After the deposition, you can be sure that your transcript and exhibits are completed in a timely manner thanks to our digital services. Once the deposition is complete, you will receive the transcript and exhibits in the method that best fits your needs.

With advanced technology also comes online sharing. Information security is Esquire’s top priority. You can be confident about accessing sensitive documents online. Our state-of-the-art information security infrastructure aligns with firm and client security policies to reduce risk and support compliance.

Client-Centric Deposition Management

Esquire clients enjoy the advantages of 24/7 scheduling, instant confirmations, notification management options, and what we believe is the most useful technology platform available for deposition services. EsquireConnect supports your busy schedule with anytime, anywhere access to deposition scheduling and online transcripts.

At Esquire we know every deposition is unique. Our service delivery processes are designed to provide both efficiency and flexibility. We provide a single point of contact - a well trained team member who is always available to answer questions and address your concerns. We don’t force you to fit your deposition's timing or requirements into a pre-determined service offering. In every case, we tailor our services to your needs.

Deposition Case Management

Our dedicated case managers ensure that all aspects of your case, including scheduling, technology, production, invoice quality, and exhibit management, are coordinated and executed flawlessly.

We will coordinate every detail of your deposition ahead of time to ensure that it is flawless so you can focus on your case. Our case managers work across the United States to assist you in complex cases no matter where your firm is located. With Esquire's dedicated case managers, you can count on us to manage the deposition process according to your specifications.


Esquire's friendly, professional staff and excellent services have all made an impact on our firm creating efficiency and peace of mind.

– Barbara Roldan, Legal Staff, Collins Einhorn Farrell PC
Southfield, MI


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