Getting depositions right for you…across town or around the globe.

Esquire, a national provider of court reporting services and technology, helps law firms, insurance companies and corporate legal departments get depositions right every time.

No matter where your deposition occurs, you want a worry-free, personal experience that yields quick, accurate transcripts, more value for your money, and the chance to do your best work.

With a fresh eye on the future and technology to make your life easier, we do depositions differently.

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Esquire Deposition Solutions

Make the most of your pro bono budget!

Esquire is committed to social justice and to supporting our clients in their pro bono initiatives.  We understand the challenge law firms face in stretching their pro bono budgets.

To better support our clients in this effort, Esquire has created a Pro Bono Court Reporting Program that enables law firms to save 50% off the O&1 page rate on their pro bono depositions.

The easiest way to schedule (and reschedule!) depositions

EsquireConnect: The easiest and fastest way to manage your depositions.

80% of users tell us scheduling online is faster than by email or phone!

  • Optimized to be faster than ever… again!
  • Modify or cancel your settings online – even if you scheduled by phone or email.
  • Share an Esquire case calendar with all sides using just an email address.
  • Create instant reports to keep everyone informed.
  • Use predictive search to locate any setting.
  • Now use predictive search to locate your transcripts, exhibits and videos in the newly upgraded EsquireConnect repository!
  • Manage all your Esquire invoices easily – as an attorney, a paralegal or a billing manager.

Learn how EsquireConnect can help you do more with your day. Watch video

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Litigation Costs

Keep litigation costs on track.

Now more than ever corporate counsel are expected to deliver top results while cutting costs. Esquire’s Corporate Solutions Division works with the largest corporations and insurance companies to deliver excellent deposition service at an outstanding value.

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Complex litigation demands a higher level of support.

Esquire Deposition Solutions has over 25 years of experience supporting the largest cases in the world. As the country’s leading court reporting company, we have the national infrastructure, technology and case management expertise to support your most complex cases. Learn more and read about some of the cases we’ve handled.

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Continuing Legal Education

Managing Depositions Efficiently and Effectively in the Digital World. Earn one hour of credit and learn how digitally managing and introducing exhibits at the deposition creates efficiencies for attorneys and their clients.

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Supporting Legal Organizations

Esquire is dedicated to supporting local and national legal organizations. Check back regularly for future events.


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