Class Actions & Mass Tort Deposition Services


Getting depositions right for you across the country or around the world.

Class actions and mass tort litigation exponentially increase a litigator's workload, both in terms of volume and complexity. These are high-stakes cases that involve multiple plaintiffs and defendants litigating across several jurisdictions, often presenting novel
or nationally significant legal claims.

Deposition Management as an Extension of Your Team

Your Challenges

Litigators experience extra pressure when dealing with class actions and mass tort litigation. The number of necessary depositions multiplies quickly, involving multiple parties on both sides of the case. Depositions in class actions and mass tort litigation have a wide and keenly interested audience, due to the large amounts of money at stake in these types of cases.

Through class action and mass tort depositions, litigators must discover facts about many types of claims. Plaintiffs may file multiple types of claims against different companies simultaneously, and information becomes easily lost in the web of communication.

Depositions are much more demanding when plaintiffs are located across the country or around the world. This is especially true of depositions in class actions and mass tort litigation.

Esquire's Solutions

Our total case management approach to client service makes every piece of your process more efficient. On the scale of mass tort litigation, that efficiency is multiplicative. Our class action deposition services and court reporting make pre- and post-deposition work faster, and our pre-built and universal organizational systems give you control and on-demand access to all necessary information.

We provide a level of transparency that's unprecedented in the realm of deposition services. Even when dealing with the size of a class action lawsuit, we maintain open communication and personal access to case managers to keep disruptions and worries to a minimum.

Esquire makes scheduling cross-border depositions a breeze. We harness technology to facilitate remote depositions across the world, in multiple languages, organizing the flow of information amongst. These services are "extras" at other deposition providers, but at Esquire Deposition Solutions they are our standard.

Finally, a Deposition Solution for Demanding Class Action Litigation

One of the fastest ways to improve your ability to handle class action litigation is to bring Esquire Deposition Solutions into your workflow. Enjoy benefits such as:

  • Unparalleled Organization – Information and knowledge management and organization only become more complex as case size increases. With Esquire’s help, you don’t have to stretch your resources thin.
  • Transparency – We put you in control of information and communication. Talk with your dedicated case manager when you need help, and keep a close eye on deposition transcripts, exhibits, and messages at any time.
  • Effectiveness – When you’re not using highly skilled resources on organizational and administrative tasks, you gain greater capacity to think on a larger scale and strategize for more consistent success in mass tort litigation.

Harness the purpose-built tools we offer and our unmatched mass tort and class action deposition and court reporting services to focus your efforts back on winning the big case.