Confidently manage depositions anywhere in the world – all with the backing of your local Esquire team.

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Our group of highly skilled court reporters ensures that each deposition goes smoothly and is of the highest quality. With coverage across the country and around the world, we look forward to supporting you wherever your deposition takes place.

High-quality Court Reporters

Our certified court reporters handle over 125,000 depositions every year. They have extensive experience in all litigation practice areas, and we are careful to match each reporter to the needs of your specific case. On average, our reporters have 10 years of on-the-job experience, and their unmatched professionalism gives you the support you need for your deposition.

Expert Realtime Transcription

Realtime transcription is an invaluable tool during a deposition. With realtime, you can instantly read and immediately search and annotate the testimony, and you leave the deposition with a copy of the transcript. Our experienced realtime reporters make it easy for you by handling all the technical details during the deposition.

Local and Global Deposition Coverage

Esquire provides high-level support and consistent service for depositions held throughout the country and around the globe. With 35 well-appointed offices in the United States and a global network of over 1,000 affiliates, Esquire provides the most extensive deposition coverage of any court reporting firm.

Seamless Support for Remote Depositions

Today’s litigators and their clients require the ability to attend a deposition remotely. Esquire’s complete suite of technology enables seamless remote depositions. We offer videoconferencing, digital exhibit presentation, and streaming video and text to ensure your deposition proceeds smoothly.

Extending Availability with Remote Court Reporters

By leveraging existing video-conferencing technology, Esquire is able to provide court reporters for depositions across the country – including remote locations – without sacrificing quality or efficiency. Esquire’s certified stenographers, rigorously trained in remote court reporting by Esquire, are located in Esquire’s video-conferencing centers, where they capture a verbatim record of the proceeding using our state-of-the-art technology. The witness and attorneys are not physically in the same location as the court reporter. Instead, the court reporter, witness, and attorneys are visually connected in high-definition, sharing the same virtual space. Watch video

Dedicated Case Management Team

Esquire provides knowledgeable case managers at no additional charge to handle the details of your most important cases. Our case managers provide concierge-level service to assist you with scheduling, finding locations, fulfilling international requirements, and much more.

Esquire Solutions - Testimonial

I have held Esquire in high regard for many years, but gained an added appreciation when Esquire was selected to handle one of the largest civil construction cases pending in the U.S. Esquire’s commitment to current technology is backed by strong technical support and top-notch court reporters who meet their deadlines. This makes Esquire an invaluable resource.”

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