Our Holiday Wish List for You

Posted: December 19, 2017

Law never takes a vacation, but legal professionals do. Or should if they want to stay fresh, productive and familiar to their families.

So as we enter the time of year reserved for loved ones, here’s Esquire’s Holiday Wish List for you, our clients.

We wish you:

  1. Downtime. The law, as they say, is a jealous paramour, and can consume every spare moment of a legal professional’s days and nights, a big chunk of one’s emotional energy, and every spare nook of their brains. One of the biggest reasons we at Esquire work so hard to refine our technology is to make you more efficient so you can get more done faster and, especially at this time of year, work a little less.
  2. The chance to be home for the holidays. Many legal professionals spend the better part of their lives on the road commuting, driving to client offices, traveling to depositions and, for the most fortunate among us, flying between homes. Smart use of conferencing technology can let you stay put in your favorite place even as you wrap up your pre-holiday projects.
  3. Fun money. The generosity you show your colleagues and loved ones means that the season of giving can get pricey. Smart use of legal technology, however, is cost-effective whether you’re mining discovery information, taking depositions, wading through transcripts, managing exhibits or assembling arguments – or just doing all the scheduling and reservations that go along with it. Our wish for you is that technology helps you spend a little less money on professional expenses and a little more on yourself, your family, your friends.
  4. Good cheer. Great vibes in the office inevitably seep into your home life (and vice versa). Teams that come together successfully on a project – say, key depositions in a complex case – carry a triumphant glow into their weekends and holidays. Loved ones appreciate that. One way to pursue those results in big depositions is having key members of your team join remotely. With strength in numbers, colleagues can participate up front or in the background (e.g., via secure chat) using their tablets, smartphones and laptops.
  5. Everything you wish for. Holidays are surely sweeter when you kick them off with some fresh victories under your belt. We at Esquire work hard to support you so you can quickly and efficiently access testimony, exhibits, and issue of law before, during and after the deposition. Our job is to support all of the details of your deposition so you can achieve your best possible outcome. That way, you can truly, completely and wholeheartedly set your work aside at this precious time, and enjoy the people you love.

Happy holidays from your friends at Esquire.