Growing Corporate Relationships

Esquire Corporate Solutions, the department manages institutional accounts, onboards law firms, and maintains corporate client relationships for the larger Esquire organization. In 12 years at the company, We’ve never felt better about our ability to lead and drive the industry.

By the end of 2018, we developed strong relationships with more insurance carriers and corporations than in any other year in the past 15 years, growing our client base by 15%. Because of both this accomplishment and a 10% increase in revenue from the previous year, we entered 2019 with our confidence at an all-time high.

Earning Clients’ Trust

Corporate clients join Esquire when they have complete faith in our ability to serve their business goals. The infrastructure investments we made in 2018 allowed us to take advantage of better analytics technology, deepening our understanding of client needs and making us more prepared to react to their expectations.

Attracting new talent to Esquire also played a significant role in our record-breaking client growth. We put more feet on the street to engage with law firms and drive their utilization of our products and services, steering them toward lower deposition costs and other desired outcomes. In 2019, our team comprises a greater number of professionals who understand what our clients want and how to help them get it.

Beating Our Own Record

Esquire is in an excellent position to finish this year with even more impressive client and revenue growth than we achieved in 2018. Currently, we’re highly specialized in verticals like insurance and pharmaceutical, and we’re beginning to focus on specialization in other verticals to better serve clients in new industries. The company is also investing in additional resources to continue serving our existing customer base with the best possible solutions. With more internal talent and a greater family of clients to share it with, Esquire has a lot to look forward to in 2019.