Deposition video is essential for capturing and preserving key aspects of testimony.

Video displays important non-verbal components of the deponent such as tone of voice, body language, and pauses in testimony. And video testimony can be a valuable tool in the courtroom to present testimony of non-appearing witnesses or to use to impeach the credibility of an adverse witness. Esquire’s complete suite of professional video services helps you leverage the full impact of testimony.

Through the entire process, we’ve got your video needs covered:

  • Broadcast-quality legal video
  • Live video streaming of depositions
  • Video synchronization and editing
  • Video production and editing
  • Video Deposition Streaming

Our video streaming capabilities enable remote deposition attendees to view the live proceeding on their computers or mobile devices using an Internet connection. Our secure interface enables participants communicate securely through group and private chat. The chat group is set up before the deposition to ensure that someone from one firm cannot chat with someone from another firm.

Video Conferencing

Esquire offers a multitude of options for attorneys and staff who need to participate in a deposition via videoconference. We can support traditional videoconferencing setups, but increasingly our clients request portable video conferencing.

Our portable video conferencing solution is an easy and low‐cost way to participate in fully interactive, multi‐party video depositions and other proceedings simply by using an Internet‐connected
computer, tablet, smartphone, or traditional VTC system.

A few key benefits of Portable Video Conferencing (PVC) include:

  • Complete access to depositions and meetings without the cost and time of travel
  • Cost‐effective alternative to the hourly charges of traditional video conferencing
  • Document review during the video conference
  • Optional online review of the video soon after the proceeding to prepare for other depositions

Other Video Production Services

Esquire offers a range of video services in addition to depositions by leveraging our broadcast-quality video and sophisticated post-production capabilities. We can produce day-in-the-life videos, site-inspections for cases, training videos, and mock depositions and trials for review and critique.

Video Resources