Speak 200 Languages Fluently…With Esquire’s In-House Legal Interpreting Services.

With today’s technology, it’s easy to communicate with just about anyone, anywhere in the world – as long as you speak the same language. At Esquire Deposition Solutions, we offer law firm and corporate clients accurate, timely, and trustworthy interpreting and translation services for over 200 languages.
With more than 3,000 language experts nationwide, we can easily handle any legal translations request. Our interpreters have the training and expertise to navigate the nuances of specialized legal, medical, and technological terminology. Esquire provides high-quality in-house translation services fast, including:

  • Depositions, arbitrations, hearings, trials, and mediations
  • Client meetings
  • Medical appointments
  • Workers’ compensation interviews
  • Recorded statements
  • Insurance investigations
  • Document and exhibit translation
  • Intellectual property document review

Let Esquire help you become multilingual in your next legal matter. Simply call your local Esquire office and schedule a legal translations expert. For your convenience, legal translations can be scheduled at the same time as your deposition request.