Court Reporting in Sarasota, Florida

Court reporting plays a critical role in the justice system. It’s a legal requirement for court reporters to be present for legal proceedings, as they are the keepers of the spoken word. At Esquire Deposition Solutions, we provide court reporting and deposition services for law firms, insurance companies, corporate legal departments, and risk organizations in Sarasota, FL. We are a full-service court reporting and deposition transcription company.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer top-notch transcription services for courtroom proceedings, in-person and remote depositions, arbitrations, and other legal proceedings. If you need professional court reporters in Sarasota, Esquire Deposition Solutions has you covered.

Full-Service Litigation Support from Certified Sarasota Court Reporters

When you need in-person or remote court reporting, interpreting, and legal videography services, our team at Esquire Deposition Solutions is here for you. In Sarasota, Florida, our court reporting experts and support team can handle it all.

In addition to providing impeccably accurate transcripts, we also offer secure maintenance of these records with our highly-secure SOC2 Type 2 compliant technology infrastructure.

Expert RealTime Transcription by Our Sarasota, FL Court Reporters

Esquire Deposition Solutions has a credentialed team of court reporters who can offer realtime transcript streaming for in-person and remote depositions, and other legal proceedings. During the deposition, you and your team can highlight, annotate, and search through the transcript for follow-up questions. We help you improve the speed of your proceedings by providing a rough transcript immediately instead of waiting for official transcriptions or paying more to expedite delivery.

Seamless Support for Remote Depositions

Esquire Deposition Solutions is ready to assist you using cutting-edge technology when a deposition needs to be done remotely.  We offer a choice of the latest technology based on your deposition's needs, including a purpose-built virtual deposition platform, eLitigate™, exhibit presentation and management solutions,  and industry-leading video conferencing. Our team will also be available for troubleshooting in the event that there is a technical difficulty. Our team of experts includes:

  • Remote court reporters
  • Remote videographers
  • Remote technicians
  • Remote interpreters

Dedicated Case Management Team

For large, complex litigation, our case management team will handle the more tedious tasks that need to be done. These include deposition scheduling, location searches, making sure international requirements are met, and much more.

Professional Court Reporting Services in Sarasota, Florida

When you need court reporting services in Sarasota, Florida, Esquire Deposition Solutions is the only name to remember. We are one of the world’s largest court reporting service providers, and we are 100% committed to making sure you get an accurate transcript of our legal proceedings.

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