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Court Reporting in New York, NY

Esquire Deposition Solutions provides court reporting and deposition support services to law firms, corporate legal departments, insurance companies, and risk organizations in New York. No matter when or where you need to secure a legal proceeding, Esquire Deposition Solutions has you covered. Court reporters are the ones who must keep a verbatim record of all that is spoken in court and during a deposition. A transcript produced from the court proceeding or deposition must be accurate and created with the absolute highest level of quality.

Full-Service Court Reporting in New York/Queens

Esquire Deposition Solutions’ highly trained, certified, and experienced court reporters can provide exceptional court reporting services and impeccable deposition services. Our court reporters have, on average, at least ten years of on-the-job experience, and are knowledgeable across a variety of legal practice areas. When you entrust the accuracy and reliability of your court reporting and legal transcripts to Esquire Deposition Solutions, you can rest assured that the record of your legal proceeding will be maintained within our SOC2 Type 2 compliant technology infrastructure.

Impeccable Real-Time Transcription by an Expert Court Reporter in New York

While you are in a deposition, you may need a real-time transcription of that deposition to read, search, and annotate. With our court reporting services, we offer instant, real-time transcription services during in-person and remote depositions (as well as other legal proceedings) and a complete copy of the transcript once the deposition has concluded.

Seamless Support for Remote Depositions

If you have a need for a remote deposition, our team at Esquire Deposition Solutions is ready to help. We offer the latest technology for your remote depositions. This includes our eLitigate™ solution, as well as videoconferencing and exhibit presentation and management solutions —everything you need for the remote deposition.

You should not have to worry about any technological malfunctions or issues during your legal proceeding. Leave that to our team of experts.

  • Remote Court Reporters
  • Remote Videographers
  • Remote Technicians
  • Remote Interpreters

Esquire Deposition Solutions has you and your clients covered. With our knowledgeable and professional team of experts in court reporting, you will always have top-of-the-line support when you need it the most.

Dedicated Case Management Team with Litigation Support Services

At Esquire Deposition Solutions, we know that complex, large cases can be challenging, especially when dealing with scheduling, finding various locations, ensuring that international requirements are fulfilled, and other essential litigation support services. Our case managers go above and beyond to make sure you and your team have everything you need.

Experienced and Reliable Court Reporting Services

When you are in need of court reporting services in New York, look no further than Esquire Deposition Solutions. Our court reporters hold themselves to the highest standards to ensure that you get the most accurate and reliable transcripts possible.

Esquire Deposition Solutions is here to be your go-to service provider in the court reporting industry. We want to help eliminate your stress when it comes to accurate transcription services with our thoroughly trained and experienced court reporters.

Because we are one of the largest court reporting services providers in the world, we are here for you whenever and wherever you need us. Our New York team is dedicated to providing our clients with unparalleled customer service, and our court reporters are experienced in a wide variety of legal practice areas.

Find New York Court Reporting Services Today

If you are in need of professional court reporting and deposition services in New York, look no further than the team at Esquire Deposition Solutions. We understand the needs of legal professionals, and we are here to make sure that all of your requirements are met.

If you need reliable, speedy, and highly accurate court reporting services in New York, NY, schedule your proceeding today.