Court Reporting in Los Angeles, CA

Esquire Deposition Solutions provides court reporting and deposition support services to law firms, corporate legal departments, insurance companies, and risk organizations in Los Angeles, CA. Our highly trained court reporters are fully certified and have the skills you need to keep your cases running as smoothly as possible. Esquire court reporters are fully capable of fulfilling your needs and have experience with a diverse range of cases similar to those you’re currently working on. Our Los Angeles office has access to the most experienced and well-trained court reporters available to make sure that you receive high-quality service in Los Angeles. The court reporters that we work with have, on average, over 10+ years of experience and are dedicated to precision and accuracy in their transcripts.

Our Los Angeles Court Reporters Handle It All

From home offices to conference rooms to courtrooms, the records and transcripts of legal proceedings must be captured verbatim. It is also important that the records are maintained securely. That is why our team at Esquire Deposition Solutions maintains your client records in a highly-secure SOC2 Type 2 compliant technology infrastructure.

In Los Angeles, there is a serious need for court reporting and deposition services. At Esquire Deposition Solutions, we provide court reporting, audio, and legal video services, and interpreting services for in-person and remote legal proceedings.

Get Real-Time Transcripts from an Expert Court Reporter

Esquire Los Angeles court reporters are capable of providing real-time transcripts during testimonies and depositions. Having these transcripts available in real-time allows you to re-read what was just said, mark up, denote important sections,  and create outlines for your legal strategies for the case. In addition, you come away from the deposition or testimony with a rough transcript you can immediately put to use.

Remote Deposition Support

In a case where remote depositions are necessary, our team is happy to provide you with complete and seamless support services for those proceedings. We work hard to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Based on your particular needs, we offer several choices of technology, including our purpose-built virtual deposition platform called eLitigate™, exhibit presentation and management solutions, and industry-leading videoconferencing.

To ensure that all the technology works as expected, we also have experts available to handle any technological difficulties. There is no need for you to worry about anything other than your deposition. At Esquire Deposition Solutions in Los Angeles, we offer:

  • Remote Court Reporting Experts

  • Remote Legal Videographers

  • Remote Technicians

  • Remote Interpreters

Case Management from an Expert Court Reporting Company

Esquire understands the complexities of complex multi-party litigation. When you schedule with Esquire Deposition Solutions, we assign an experienced Case Manager who serves as a single point of contact, streamlining all of your unique litigation logistics.

Full-Service Court Reporting and Remote Deposition Services in Los Angeles, California

When you need a professional court reporter for your legal proceedings, contact Esquire Deposition Solutions. As one of the largest court reporting service providers in the world, we are available whenever and wherever you need our services.

Find Professional Services from Experts in the Court Reporting Industry

If you need court reporting services in Los Angeles, schedule a proceeding with one of our court reporting specialists in Los Angeles.