Corporate Programs


Esquire is the number one provider of managed court reporting programs to corporations and insurance carriers.

We help organizations take an active role in creating the best customized plan for all of their litigation and claim-related services. With over 180 clients under management, our Corporate Solutions Division works with some of the largest corporations in the United States to deliver exceptional deposition services. In addition to our standard benefits of significant cost savings and increased control over deposition information, we offer:

  • National coordination paired with local support
  • Custom billing to meet your specific needs
  • Sophisticated reporting analytics to help manage costs
  • Quality control procedures and one-call accountability
  • Simple technology to save you and your clients time and money

Efficient Cost Management

Based on industry averages, most organizations devote approximately 3-5% of their total legal spend to court reporting services. Typically, Esquire’s corporate customers are able to reduce that amount by 15-20%. We would be happy to analyze what you currently spend on court reporting and provide you with the potential cost savings of using Esquire.

Program Implementation

We want our corporate and insurance customers to be able to take advantage of all the benefits we have to offer. We’re here to help you communicate with your law firms, and we make it easy for each firm to use our services. Our experienced team of National Account Managers personally oversees every detail of your customized program. We roll out the red carpet for your law firms with a complete onboarding and training program, demonstrations of our easy-to-use technology tools, and introductions to your dedicated Esquire resources.

Detailed Stewardship Meetings and Reporting

We want to ensure that you maximize the value of our partnership with you. Esquire hosts regular stewardship meetings to help you manage your deposition resources, and we prepare reports that summarize your use of our services. Through these meetings and reports, we offer you the opportunity to provide us with valuable feedback, address any questions or concerns you may have, and ultimately give you the support you need.

High Client Satisfaction Rates

We understand that law firm satisfaction directly impacts Esquire’s corporate customers. If law firms are not happy, then our corporate customers are not happy – and we want you to be happy! Esquire measures law firm satisfaction with ongoing performance surveys, and we report this information back to you. We offer our corporate customers complete transparency into how Esquire is performing at all times.

  • 99% of Law Firms Give Esquire a Satisfied or Very Satisfied Rating

Esquire’s Technology Advantage

Esquire’s leading litigation technologies make managing all of your deposition needs fast, easy, and convenient. For scheduling depositions, attending depositions remotely, and accessing transcripts, exhibits, and video, Esquire’s technology tools give you the competitive advantage.

Learn more about Esquire’s full technology offering