LexisNexis Acquires Sanction Solutions

Addition brings leading presentation software tools to the LexisNexis litigation suite.

NEW YORK (June 4, 2012) – LexisNexis® Legal & Professional today announced that is has acquired Sanction® Solutions, a leading provider of innovative presentation software and services used by lawywers, paralegals and litigation support directors.

Sanction® litigation presentation software provides litigators a single resource to quickly assemble documents, exhibits, transcripts, questions, visuals and video that will be used to manage and present evidence throughout litigation, categorize them, and then create clear, polished and compelling presentation materials necessary for building a case.

The addition of Sanction to LexisNexis expands the company’s diverse suite of litigation products and services to create an unmatched end-to-end solution set for litigators-spanning early case assessment, e-discovery processing and review, case analysis, transcript management and now presentation.

“We’re excited to bring Sanction Solutions into the diverse lineup of software products that LexisNexis offers litigators. Not only will it help them easily prepare and present crucial evidence,” said Matt Gillis, vice president and managing director for Litigation Tools & Professional Services at Lexis Nexis, “but Sanction further extends our presence in the litigation workflow–reinforcing LexisNexis as the comprehensive and integrated end-to-end provdier of litigation solutions.”

Because Sanction delivers services through out the litigation workflow, particularly for case assessment, planning and presentation, it will be integrated with the LexisNexis® CaseMap® suite that contains the CaseMap, TextMap® and TimeMap® tools. Sanction software also integrates with several industry-recognized third-party applications and utilizes Microsoft® databases to make projects easily portable. Sanction will continue to be offered as a stand-alone product.

“By becoming part of the LexisNexis litigation suite, Sanction adds value for litigation customers by enabling them to seamlessly transition from case planning into creation of compelling materials supporting their strategy for presentation,” said Mike Hahn, Managing Director of Sanction Solutions. “The Sanction team looks forward to becoming part of LexisNexis and to finding new and innovative ways to meet litigators’ needs.”

The acquisition of Sanction Solutions is part of the continuing LexisNexis commitment to provide industry-leading litigation support software and services that help customers increase productivity and achieve better outcomes for their organizations and clients. Other components of the LexisNexis litigation offering include LexisNexis® Early Data Analyzer to narrow down huge sets of data, LAW PreDiscovery™ to identify relevant information and documents for discovery and review, Concordance® for e-discovery review and the CaseMap suite for case assessment, planning, reporting and other important strategic functions of case preparation. LexisNexis also offers enterprise and on-demand hosted litigation solutions for customers seeking to increase their data capacity, decrease data management costs or ensure data security.

Headquartered in Phoenix, Sanction Solutions was founded in 1999 and is a division of Esquire Deposition Solutions LLC. More information about Sanction Solutions is available at: www.sanction.com/about/.

More information on the complete set of litigation solutions offered by LexisNexis is available at:http://www.lexisnexis.com/en-us/legal-solutions/litigation-services/default.page.