Esquire Launches Court Reporter Program to Strengthen the Industry

Court reporters partner with Esquire to design a program for new and tenured reporters that strengthens their skills and accelerates career development.

Atlanta, GA, May 31, 2017 – Esquire Deposition Solutions, LLC (, the nation’s leading provider of court reporting, video, and interpreting services, is pleased to announce a new Court Reporter Program designed to strengthen the skills of both new and tenured court reporters, to accelerate their career development, and to improve their earnings potential.

According to the National Court Reporters Association*, the current shortage of court reporters is expected to increase over the next 5-7 years. Today, fewer court reporters are entering the market than ever before, while more than 70% of current court reporters are expected to retire by 2023. This shortage is diminishing the industry’s capacity to meet current court reporting needs. Further, the increasing complexity of litigation has amplified the demand for highly-qualified court reporters that can operate in today’s fast-paced and technologically demanding environment.

Esquire, in its continuing commitment to strengthening the industry, created a Court Reporter Council to provide feedback on issues impacting court reporters throughout the country. The Council aided in the design of a program that helps recruit new court reporters and supports existing court reporters as they develop their skills. This new Court Reporting Program includes:

  • Training and continuous education to help court reporters meet the increasing demand for higher technical skills.
  • A mentoring component which provides tools and monetary rewards for experienced court reporters to actively participate as a mentor to new reporters.
  • An internship program offered through court reporting schools. Through this program, Esquire hosts events that provide real-world information and experience to students.

“I really appreciate the opportunity to partner with Esquire in developing this program,” states Joanne Lee, RPR, Esquire Court Reporter Council Member.  “Court reporters desire high-quality work and want to work with a company that respects them, their time, and the profession. By supporting and rewarding skill-set development and performance improvements, Esquire is able to offer more advanced and higher-paying opportunities for court reporters that take advantage of this program. I’m also active in the industry development components of the program and truly enjoy mentoring both students and new court reporters because I can see the direct result on accelerating career development.”

Court reporters and court reporting schools interested in learning more about Esquire’s Court Reporter Program are encouraged to email

* Court Reporting Industry Outlook: