Esquire Enhances Remote Deposition Technology In Its 41 Offices

Growth in the demand for remote depositions drives significant technology upgrades in every Esquire office.

Atlanta, GA, February 7, 2017 – Esquire Deposition Solutions (, the nation’s leading provider of court reporting, video, and interpreting services, is pleased to announce significant enhancements in technology in 100% of their offices to support the growing demand for remote deposition services.

Remote deposition technology allows litigation teams to leverage technology to increase productivity and deliver value to their clients. With the ability to access real-time, video streaming, electronic exhibits, and videoconferencing all on one screen, individual team members can remotely participate in a deposition—whether they are in the office or using a web-enabled device—from anywhere in the world. And not everyone needs to be remote—the lead attorney may want to be on site, but experts or co-counsel can participate remotely.

While remote technology may not be applicable for every deposition, more attorneys are utilizing remote deposition technology than ever before. In fact, Esquire experienced a 20% increase in demand for remote depositions from 2015 to 2016. To meet this demand, Esquire’s offices are now fully appointed with the following enhancements:

  • High-definition videoconferencing systems that support wireless document sharing and are compatible with all web-enabled devices.
  • A new feature layout that projects all remote services on one screen with real-time, video, and electronic exhibits on the display. This feature eliminates the need to switch from window to window and allows for a seamless deposition experience.
  • An updated real-time highlight report that enables attendees to add personal notes and highlighting to the transcript.
  • In-meeting notifications that permit moderators and stream managers to initiate in-room announcements to all connected users, streamlining communication to all deposition participants regardless of location.
  • Integration with firm videoconference equipment so that firms can use their own video equipment in depositions.
  • Improved end-to-end encryption offering high-level and customizable security features tailored to meet the needs of litigation professionals while eliminating security risk.
  • A non-discoverable chat feature that allows litigation team members to privately chat during the deposition.

“At Esquire, we are always focused on helping our clients get ready for what’s next in litigation,” stated Terrie Campbell, Chief Executive Officer at Esquire Deposition Solutions. “With the growth of complex litigation involving multiple parties across the United States and even the globe, our clients demand technology that allow them to reduce litigation expense while increasing the value they can provide their clients. With the business of law changing, so, too, are the tools changing. Esquire is committed to helping our clients navigate the rapid changes in litigation.”

As the leader in deposition technology, Esquire is able to provide unparalleled support and expertise. Each year, Esquire supports thousands of remote depositions in all 50 states and over 25 countries.