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Court Reporter Checklist

Prior to Arrival 

First-time users must register in advance to access the eLitigate platform using the link you receive in your job confirmation

Use the same email and password when logging in for any future access to eLitigate

Before Beginning the Job

Test your audio and video performance; ensure you gave eLitigate access to your microphone and camera

Begin the Job (The On/Off button displays the current status)

Press the "Off Record" display button to go on the record

During the Job (The On/Off button displays the current status)

Press the "On Record" display button at bottom of screen to go off the record for off-the-record discussions and breaks

Press "Off Record" at the bottom of screen to resume the proceeding

Press "On Record" at bottom of screen to go off the record at the conclusion

After the Job

Press "End Deposition" button, then confirm by clicking "End Deposition" button on pop-up, to close the meeting and finalize exhibit and recording files (Note: Files will not be available unless you use the "End Deposition" button)

Log back in to the eLitigate site, go to Dashboard and select "Review" button next to your job to access the audio/video recording and exhibits at a later time

Download the audio/video recording if you would like to preserve it, as it expires in 12 days

Download the exhibits from the eLitigate site (you only need to download the exhibits marked in your proceeding to be attached to the transcript)

NOTE: Steps for going "On/Off the Record" will be controlled by Videographer, when one is present.

eLitigate Court Reporter Training Tutorial

Additional Notes:

Bringing the proceeding "on/off the record" is a vital part of the eLitigate experience. During proceedings where a videographer is not requested, the court reporter must control the "on/off the record" recording process. There are two primary reasons why this feature is required:

  • Bringing the proceeding "on/off the record" controls your high-quality audio backup file. Understanding that you may have already established your own method of capturing backup audio during remote proceedings, please know that the eLitigate recording will be of the absolute highest possible quality.
  • Bringing the proceeding "on/off the record" controls ScriptSync, the in-proceeding testimony review tool. Our biggest clients have seen and are excited for the full suite of features offered by eLitigate, including ScriptSync. Delivering on platform features is critical for eLitigate to be a success. It is the full range of features that gives us a unique advantage in the industry, which ultimately leads to more high-quality work for you

Bringing the proceeding "on/off the record" is an important part of the creation of deposition reporting for our clients.

Regarding Your Role in the Recording Process

  • You are not replacing a videographer in eLitigate (videotaped depositions will still be assigned a remote videographer, who will handle the "on/off the record" recording process)
  • When no videographer is requested, the recording controlled by the court reporter will be audio only, as displayed by the “Audio Backup” recording indicator in the video panel of the proceeding. Video will not be recorded in these instances
  • The Audio Backup file is treated as reporter work product. We are not supplying the audio file to clients
  • Your recording file is available at the conclusion of the proceeding, after you use the "End Deposition" button to close out the meeting. After ending the deposition, you will be moved to a review page, with tabs to access your recording and any exhibit files that were presented during the proceeding. Additionally, you can come back to the review page at a later time by logging in to eLitigate, locating the proceeding(s) you have attended through the Dashboard calendar and clicking the "Review" button
  • Don't forget Audio Backup
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