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Court Reporting in Washington, D.C.

Court reporters are considered “guardians of the record” because they capture and preserve every word spoken during court proceedings, depositions, or other legal occasions that must be kept on the record. Court reporters have extensive knowledge of language, the terminology associated with numerous industries, and modern court reporting technology.

Esquire Deposition Solutions provides court reporting and deposition services to law firms, corporate legal departments, and risk and insurance companies in Washington, D.C. No matter when or where you need to secure a legal proceeding, Esquire Deposition Solutions has you covered.

Comprehensive Court Reporting Services in Washington, D.C.

The Esquire Deposition Solutions' Washington D.C. team offers in-person and remote court reporting, interpreting, and audio and legal video services. Whatever your court reporting needs may be in Washington, D.C., we are here to ensure you get exactly what is necessary.

We provide certified, highly-skilled court reporters and top-notch customer support. To assist you before, during, and after a legal proceeding, we have a team of specialists and expert court reporters with more than ten years of combined experience in the field. Additionally, we handle and maintain your transcripts in our SOC2 Type 2 compliant, highly secure technical infrastructure.

We offer a comprehensive range of court reporting services at every stage of litigation, arbitration, and court proceedings. We proudly deliver the following services to our clients in Washington, D.C.:

Expert Real-Time Transcription by Washington, D.C. Court Reporters

Esquire’s highly-skilled court reporters can provide real-time transcript streaming and can provide rough draft transcripts shortly following both in-person and remote depositions, as well as other legal proceedings. With instant access to a written, searchable transcript of the proceeding, attorneys and their legal teams can collaborate on the real-time transcript, highlight or annotate the testimony, search for keywords and phrases, and more.

Seamless Support for Remote Depositions

In Washington, D.C., when you need a remote deposition, Esquire Deposition Solutions is here to give you the tools you need. We offer video conferencing, exhibit presentation, and management tools, as well as our secure virtual deposition platform eLitigate™.

If you require legal videographers, interpreters, technical setup, ongoing support, or assistance with technological issues for remote depositions, Esquire Deposition Solutions can provide these services from professionals like:

  • Remote Court Reporters
  • Remote Videographers
  • Remote Technicians
  • Remote Interpreters

Instead of worrying about technology and potential problems, you can concentrate on the parts of your job that are most important thanks to our seamless remote deposition support services. Esquire Deposition Solutions' staff will make sure that your deposition goes off without a hitch.

Dedicated Case Management Team

Whether you’re working on a class action, a complicated antitrust matter, or a highly technical construction defect dispute, our case management team provides the technology and project management that you need to coordinate and track all the information surrounding depositions for your case.

We provide you with a dedicated case manager to handle all the details of your complex case. Your case manager will handle scheduling, finding locations, ensuring that international requirements are met, and other essential tasks necessary for your complex case in Washington, D.C., and the surrounding suburbs.

Experienced and Reliable Court Reporting Services in Washington, D.C.

When your legal team needs experienced and credentialed court reporting services in Washington, D.C., turn to Esquire Deposition Solutions. As one of the largest court reporting service providers in the world, we are available whenever and wherever you need our services.

Need a Washington, D.C. Court Reporter? Contact Us Today!

If you need expert court reporting services in Washington D.C., you can rely on Esquire Deposition Solutions. Schedule a proceeding with our experienced court reporters for your next deposition or hearing. Contact us today!