Court Reporting in Philadelphia

During courtroom proceedings, each person who plays an active role in the court is vital to the judicial system and the overall legal process. During a deposition or a trial, each participant has a critical job. One essential role that must also be fulfilled during each trial or deposition in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is that of a court reporter.

Court reporters are the ones who must keep verbatim record of all that is spoken in court or during a deposition. Whether the court reporter is in-person or remote from the witness, a transcript produced from the court proceeding or deposition must be accurate and at the highest level of quality.

At Esquire Deposition Solutions, our responsibility is to ensure our clients have highly trained, certified, and experienced court reporters who can provide exceptional court reporting services and impeccable deposition and other legal transcripts. Our court reporters have, on average, ten or more years in the industry servicing law firms, corporate legal departments, and insurance and risk organizations.

Full-Service Philadelphia, PA, Court Reporting

When you entrust the accuracy and reliability of your court reporting and legal transcripts to Esquire Deposition Solutions, you can rest assured that the record of your legal proceeding will be maintained in our highly-secure, SOC2 Type 2 compliant technology infrastructure.

Our team at Esquire Deposition Solutions offers in-person and remote court reporting, interpreting, and audio and legal video services. Whatever your court reporting needs may be in Philadelphia, PA, we are there to ensure you get exactly what is necessary.

Excellent Real-Time Transcription by an Expert Court Reporter in Philadelphia, PA

Esquire’s credentialed reporters offer real-time transcript streaming and production, both for in-person and remote depositions, as well as other legal proceedings. With real-time court reporting services, there’s no waiting for the transcript after the trial or deposition. Attorneys and their legal teams can collaborate on the real-time transcript, highlight, or annotate the testimony, search for key words, and more. Real-time court reporting helps attorneys move their cases forward with instant access to testimony.

After the trial or deposition, we will provide you with a complete copy of the entire transcript. We pride ourselves on the expertise of our real-time court reporters, the quality of the transcripts they produce, and the customer service we offer. Whether the proceeding is on-site or remote, Esquire Deposition Solutions has you covered.

Seamless Support for Remote Depositions

When there is a need for a remote deposition, Esquire Deposition Solutions is there for you. Esquire offers a choice of technology, based upon the needs of the deposition, including a purpose-built virtual deposition platform, eLitigate™, industry-leading videoconferencing, and exhibit presentation and management solutions.

However, even with the exceptional modern advances in technology, there may be difficulties or issues to be handled. Rather than having you and your clients worried about these concerns, allow our team at Esquire Deposition Solutions to take care of them for you. To ensure you get the services you require, we have the following experts who ensure your remote deposition proceeds flawlessly:

Remote Court Reporters
Remote Legal Videographers
Remote Technicians
Remote Interpreters
With Esquire's remote deposition technology and expertise, you can focus on your case instead of worrying about the technology.

Dedicated Case Management Team

In addition to all of the court reporting and remote depositions that we manage, we also take care of your complex litigation concerns. At Esquire Deposition Solutions, our dedicated case managers can handle scheduling, finding locations, ensuring that international requirements are met, and other essential tasks necessary for your complex case.

Experienced and Reliable Court Reporting Services

In Philadelphia, legal professionals must have high-quality court reporting services and deposition transcriptions. At Esquire Deposition Solutions, we are your go-to in the court reporting industry, with our access to experienced and credentialed court reporters.

As one of the largest court reporting service providers in the world, we are available whenever and wherever you need our services.

Find Experienced Court Reporters in Philadelphia, PA, Today

If you need reliable, speedy, and highly accurate court reporting services, contact Esquire Deposition Solutions. From depositions to arbitrations to trial, our team can handle it all. Contact us today to schedule a proceeding!