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Court Reporting in Houston, Texas

The verbatim documentation in criminal, civil, and other legal proceedings requires professionals who are highly skilled and trained in court reporting, which usually involves stenography. This job falls on the shoulders of certified, experienced, and highly trained Houston court reporters.

At Esquire Deposition Solutions, our Houston court reporters are some of the most experienced and dedicated individuals in the industry. They are committed to ensuring that the official record of a legal proceeding is impeccably accurate.

Full-Service Court Reporting in Houston, TX

Esquire Deposition Solutions is a full-service court reporting and deposition transcription company with an office in Houston, Texas. Our team offers in-person and remote court reporting, interpreting, and audio and legal video services. Whatever your court reporting needs may be in Houston, TX, we are there to ensure you get exactly what is necessary.

When you entrust the accuracy and reliability of your court reporting and legal transcripts to Esquire Deposition Solutions, you can have peace of mind knowing that the records are maintained in our highly-secured SOC2 Type 2 compliant technology infrastructure.

Expert Real-Time Transcription by Houston Court Reporters

The credentialed court reporters that Esquire Deposition Solutions has on our team can provide you with real-time transcript streaming and production for both in-person and remote depositions, as well as other legal proceedings. Attorneys and their legal teams can collaborate on the real-time transcript, annotate, or highlight the testimony, search for key words and more. Real-time court reporting helps attorneys move their cases forward with instant access to testimony.

Seamless Support for Remote Depositions

In a case where remote depositions are necessary, our team is happy to provide you with complete and seamless support services for those proceedings. We work hard to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Based on your particular needs, we offer several choices of technology, including a virtual deposition platform called eLitigate™ built especially for this purpose, videoconferencing, and exhibit presentation and management solutions.

To ensure that all technology works as expected, we also have experts available to handle any technological difficulties. At Esquire Deposition Solutions in Houston, we offer:

  • Remote Court Reporters
  • Remote Videographers
  • Remote Technicians
  • Remote Interpreters

Esquire Deposition Solutions offers the best possible support for all aspects of a remote deposition in Houston, Texas. Never worry about the technology you are using when you hire Esquire Deposition Solutions.

Dedicated Case Management Team

At Esquire Deposition Solutions, we are also well aware that complex cases can be a challenge due to the details of everyday activities. Scheduling, finding locations, ensuring that international requirements are met, and other critical tasks are necessary, but they can distract you from the main concerns you are dealing with.

When you hire Esquire Deposition Solutions, we will take care of all of these issues for you so that you can concentrate on all the more important legal tasks.

Experienced and Reliable Court Reporting Services

Esquire Deposition Solutions has the most professional, experienced, and reliable court reporters. Our team produces the most impeccable and timely transcripts of court proceedings and depositions.

When you need speed and efficiency for court reporting, Esquire Deposition Solutions is here for you. Our company is one of the largest deposition service providers globally, which provides us with a wide reach. We are available to you whenever and wherever you need our services.

Find a Houston Court Reporter Today

If you are looking for a company that can provide you with highly skilled and well-trained court reporting services in Houston, TX, contact Esquire Deposition Solutions. We have the experience and expertise to handle any legal proceedings Click here to schedule a proceeding!