eDepoze Brings Benefits of Litigation Software Platform to Witness Preparation Process with Launch of Witness Prep 2.0

Leading Deposition Software Provider Further Eliminates Paper-Related Costs of Litigation by Expanding Platform to Trial and Deposition Preparation Process

New York, New York, February 4, 2015 – eDepoze, LLC, today announced the release of Witness Prep 2.0TM, a new software application that digitizes the witness preparation process, making it possible for attorneys to prepare witnesses for deposition, arbitration or trial using electronic documents through an in-person or remote session. With Witness Prep 2.0, eDepoze provides a cloud-based application for sharing documents and conducting witness interviews remotely, eliminating the time consuming and costly process of printing boxfuls of documents to review and traveling to numerous face-to-face witness prep sessions. As an extension of eDepoze’s mission to ‘Kill the Paper,’ Witness Prep 2.0 will share the same platform as the industry-leading eDepoze deposition software, the latest version of which the company announced yesterday.

An unprepared witness can wreak havoc on a case, and experienced attorneys invest significant resources in preparing clients and witnesses to give testimony, typically involving a labor intensive process of printing documents, transporting them and traveling to meet with the witness. Witness Prep 2.0 addresses these challenges with the following capabilities:

  • Upload electronic copies of relevant documents for individual prep sessions through a single eDepoze account
  • Secure access for witnesses and the entire litigation team to review documents in advance of prep sessions
  • Conduct a live witness preparation session – in-person or remotely – by sharing individual documents with participants as the session proceeds
  • Access and add new documents on the fly in real-time
  • Take notes on documents before, during or after a prep session, maintaining individual copies of annotated documents and any shared versions
  • Elimination of paper-related costs for when witnesses are prepared to testify at deposition, arbitration or trial

“Any experienced litigator knows how onerous, time-consuming and costly it can be to use paper and conduct prep sessions with numerous witnesses in numerous locations prior to a deposition or trial,” said Shawn Kennedy, co-founder and CEO of eDepoze. “Our release of Witness Prep 2.0 streamlines the entire process, driving down costs for clients, allowing litigation teams to collaborate more effectively and ultimately freeing up significant resources for attorneys to spend on higher value work and building case strategy.”

To learn more about eDepoze 2.0 with Witness Prep or to schedule a demonstration with Esquire, visitwww2.esquiresolutions.com/edepozedemo.

About eDepoze, LLC

eDepoze, LLC is a cloud computing company whose flagship product, eDepoze, is a collaborative software platform that brings new efficiencies to the disordered and paper-intensive phase of litigation following e-discovery. eDepoze’s industry-leading deposition software combines a secure database with an iPad or web-based app interface to deliver the convenience, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of a paperless deposition while mirroring the familiar paper deposition process. eDepoze’s Witness Prep 2.0TM software brings the same benefits to the process of preparing witnesses to testify at deposition, arbitration or trial. eDepoze, LLC is headquartered in Orange County, CA. More information is available at http://www.edepoze.com .

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