Terrie Campbell: Success Through Cohesive Leadership

Posted: May 10, 2019

In each year that I’ve been at Esquire, from joining as Chief Operating Officer in 2015 to serving as Chief Executive Officer today, we have seen maturity and refinement of our company strategy. We are now operating at the level of the professional-grade organization we were always meant to be—our product is predictable, and the quality is consistent.

A company can’t achieve such success without cohesion at the leadership level. Our leaders spent the last two years working together to drive the business like never before, and because of our combined efforts, we finished 2018 and started 2019 with critical goals completed and the best revenue growth in five years.

Uniting the “First Team”

Our senior leadership team (or as we affectionately call ourselves, the “First Team”) improved our bond at an intensive off-site retreat last August. Members were able to have an open dialogue about interests and goals, both for their individual departments and Esquire as a whole, and learn how they might play a role in supporting one another and the company vision.

Our strengthened trust, understanding of each other’s motives, and willingness to take equal ownership of a goal allowed us to complete critical initiatives by the end of 2018. We entered 2019 more prepared for a new year than we’ve ever been, and the results have been fantastic. I’m confident this momentum will help us meet our current and future objectives successfully.

Pushing Forward

With a cohesive leadership team driving the business, Esquire is in a period of acceleration—we are doing more and doing it faster. We’ve improved our efficiency without losing focus on increasing our revenue and profitability. Well into 2019, our team’s shared enthusiasm has not waned—rather, it has continued to build as we understand more about the strength of our team dynamic. As we all sat together yesterday following a meeting to discuss key initiatives, I looked around the table and realized we have achieved the team cohesion that every company would love to experience at the senior level. Together we are powerful, excited, and making Esquire the best we can be.