The legal industry’s all-in-one, purpose-built, secure virtual deposition platform.

The acceptance of virtual deposition formats has resulted in unexpected efficiencies for many attorneys and their clients, and they continue to be an important method of discovery. While successful as a quick fix, these videoconferencing platforms have rapidly showed their limitations, from high-profile security flaws to disjointed user experiences.

Now, as we adapt to a new hybrid/in-person model for work, there is a clear need for a virtual deposition solution designed for today’s modern litigation challenges.

eLitigate™ is The Future of Virtual Depositions.

Esquire’s eLitigate is a secure virtual deposition platform with all-in-one videoconferencing, exhibit management, and in-proceeding testimony review. Unlike off-the-shelf videoconferencing products or disjointed pairings of siloed legal products, eLitigate is built on innovative technology combined into one seamless platform.

The platform standardizes and optimizes virtual depositions for attorneys and their staff with integrated video conferencing, video capture, exhibit management, sidebar rooms, and testimony review tools with searchable in-proceeding speech–to-text streaming.


The biggest benefit to using eLitigate is having a single platform to have everything organized and more streamlined for the deposition. eLitigate eliminates screen share risk of showing something that is not intended. It provides an opportunity to have a cleaner set up and a more organized layout of the materials that will be used in the deposition.


– Andre Webb, Partner, German, Gallagher & Murtagh, P.C. Philadelphia, PA


With eLitigate You Can:

  • Depose witnesses or attend depositions virtually with the industry’s leading secure videoconferencing, interactive exhibit management, and in-proceeding review with an intuitive, professional interface
  • Create a cohesive, integrated single system of record with an intuitive process that is simple to use
  • Support pre-trial and post-trial workflows, streamlining common process bottlenecks
  • Ease learning curves and virtually eliminate the need for IT involvement 
  • Consolidate complex case management into a single dashboard view

Count on Esquire’s highly qualified personnel, all-in-one virtual deposition platform, and industry-leading security measures for an exceptional remote deposition experience every time.

eLitigate laptop view

eLitigate eliminates virtual deposition pain points. Zoom just wasn’t designed for lawyers. eLitigate’s sidebars and exhibit management features are specific to what litigators do. The ScriptSync feature is very helpful because it embeds the deponent’s response in your head, assists with follow-up, and helps me recall my previous questions.


– Kelly M. Henry, Berman Berman Berman Schneider & Lowary, LLP, Philadelphia, PA


Industry-Leading Features Built In:

A truly seamless platform, eLitigate allows attorneys and court reporters to focus on practicing law and not encumbered by managing technology:

  • Intuitive Web-Based Platform
    Nothing to download or install. The elitigate platform is browser-based, so it’s accessible everywhere and there is no need to ask permission from an IT administrator
  • Integrated Exhibit Management
    All-in-one exhibit management that mirrors in-person deposition workflows. With intuitive document upload, private preview, and public-view tab system for  controlled exhibit sharing, lawyers keep control over the proceeding
  • Advanced Exhibit Capabilities
    Ability to keyword search,  annotate and draw shapes, apply signatures, direct the witness to a page, and expand exhibits to view in full screen mode. Screen and file sharing is available for audio, video, and unusual file types
  • Testimony Playback with Esquire eLitigate ScriptSync
    Live running speech-to-text rough viewable in real-time. Users can search and play back the actual audio record via an audio clip synchronized with the text
  • Private Sidebar Rooms with Lock
    Non-discoverable sidebar rooms are accessible with a single click. Important off-the-record communications are conducted in an environment that attorney’s control. No host support needed to create sidebars
  • Video Capture
    High-definition video capture records directly to the cloud. Flexible recording modes enable videographers to easily capture all participants or only the witness
  • Data Security
    Comprehensive compliance and security that meets the legal industry’s strict standards. All media traffic, audio, and video are AES-256-bit encrypted from end-to-end
  • Always Evolving
    Updated every week and driven by continuous customer feedback. A leading-edge virtual deposition experience built by and for litigation professionals

We offer advanced training to make sure every event goes smoothly. A dedicated support team is available to help you before, during, and after, along with:

  • Remote Reporters who are experienced court reporters, trained certified by Esquire in remote proceedings, swearing in the witness, controlling the proceeding as they normally would, expertly capturing the record remotely via eLitigate, and taking custody of the introduced exhibits to produce a final transcript
  • Remote Legal Videographers who are professional legal videographers that ensure the remote proceeding is recorded on the record and produce either a synchronized video with transcript or an unsynchronized video
  • Remote Technicians who provide in-proceeding support, drive meeting controls, and troubleshoot technology issues
  • Remote Interpreters are available in 200 languages and attend the proceeding remotely
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Esquire eLitigate revolutionizes how court reporters, lawyers, paralegals, corporate legal departments, and everyone in the litigation ecosystem work together to advance the practice and rule of law.

Securing Remote Proceedings Podcast

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