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Corporate Legal Departments

Did you know that depositions can account for up to 5 percent of your litigation expenses? Controlling and managing that spend are just as critical as ensuring that deposition outcomes are favorable to your case. Esquire’s Court Reporting & Deposition Services give you the transparency, rate consistency, and visibility you need to manage your business and handle tough litigation simultaneously.

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Your Challenges

Local court reporting firms and ad hoc relationships rarely fit the scope and sensitivities of complex deposition scenarios. Plus, it can be difficult to identify and establish best practices across multiple firms.

In corporate litigation, metrics and trends are often impossible to determine. There are also no economies of scale to leverage opportunities for cost management. Varied workflow processes introduce uncertainty and a lack of visibility.

Cybercriminals are increasingly likely to target a corporation’s data through its third-party vendors. Unauditable or outdates security and compliance frameworks put companies and their clients at risk, while technology inconsistencies can impact case visibility and deposition execution.

Esquire's Solutions

We are a centralized, core group of more than 50 professionals dedicated to Enterprise organizations. You benefit from single points of contact for onboarding, scheduling, and questions, and accountability is only a phone call away. Enjoy support from Esquire field staff at sites nationwide.

Enterprise-level deposition services like ours provide transparency with reportable quality assurance and stewardship measures already in place. Transitioning to our deposition services is easy: Esquire manages your legal department’s deposition process directly, and the implementation model supports compliance.

Esquire's Global Security Model is a layered physical, digital and procedural risk management framework to protect the network, safeguard all client data and support your compliance obligations. Client data is encrypted end-to-end: workstations, laptops, servers, mobile devices, video and audio streams, including transcript processing and delivery.

Experience with Corporate Legal Departments

Esquire Deposition Solutions provides deposition services to many of the largest corporations across the United States. Our proven methodology of onboarding and implementation along with centralization, transparency, and security helps improve:

  • Efficiency – We help manage every aspect of your case, from scheduling to final transcript delivery, all the way through invoicing with high visibility and robust reporting.
  • Insights – Transparency-focused management and reporting with regularly scheduled reports make data and metrics available to you with wide-ranging activity summaries and a complete view of outside counsel’s deposition activities and documents.
  • Compliance – Every element of Esquire infrastructure is auditable and meets corporate and national law firm requirements. HIPAA and PCI compliance and business continuity and disaster recovery are built in.

Let Esquire Deposition Solutions manage your documents, prepare depositions, provide top-tier corporate court reporting and legal services, and lead your corporate legal team to another win. Contact us today to start your corporate deposition service program.


Esquire Deposition Solutions is the corporate choice for deposition services on behalf of many of my corporate clients, including Target Corporation. The people and service at Esquire are superior and the company consistently delivers a first class product complimented by outstanding customer service. I highly recommend Esquire for all your litigation services.

-Peter Schulz, Managing Partner, Schulz, Brick & Rogaski
San Diego, CA


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