Sara Quick: Navigating New Responsibilities

Posted: March 6, 2019

Last year was a big one—both for me and for Esquire.

As the new year begins, I would like to recognize the profound successes of Esquire’s 2018 company performance, the hard work and dedication of Esquire’s employees, and our valued partnerships with our loyal court reporters. In particular, I am incredibly proud of the outstanding performance of the finance team members during a year of growth and change.

After being Esquire’s Vice President of Finance for seven years, I was honored to take on the role of Chief Financial Officer in June 2018. My finance team made the transition with me, and as a result, we were all able to effectively navigate through many changes during a year of record financial success.

Exceeding Targets During Transition and Growth

As is always the case, growth comes with additional financial responsibilities. My team expertly navigated through the last year of growth and change to assume additional responsibilities and ensure a successful ending to 2018. Additionally, the finance team leadership demonstrated their ability to take on larger roles. They did so while always assuring that their teams were comfortable with change and capable of taking on our extra volume—all without ever compromising on quality.

Throughout the previous year, outstanding sales performances and strict budgeting allowed the finance team to deepen our partnership with other Esquire departments. By harnessing the power of deeper analytics and focusing on leading indicators rather than historical financial reporting, we identified a more strategic approach to meeting the company’s longer-term goals.

Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, Esquire financially invested in the court reporting community to develop partnerships that create awareness about the court reporter shortage and help independent court reporters grow their own businesses—an initiative that the company is extremely proud to invest in for the coming years.

A Prosperous Future

Managing our fiscal budget tightly in the face of changing leadership coupled with rapid sales growth fueled financial success in 2018 and continues to create an opportunity for a prosperous future. My department’s strategic planning allowed us to hit the ground running on the first day of the new year with precise and attainable goals, clear roles and responsibilities, and distinct key performance indicators to ensure our success in 2019. The previous year proved Esquire’s financial health and thriving work culture, a success that I know will continue to grow throughout the future.

Moving forward, I’ll continue leading my team as we invest in efficient processes that increase value for our clients, while developing greater reporting transparency and accountability throughout the organization. We will continue to grow our partnership with the court reporting community and strengthen their industry by investing in plans for recruiting and retention.

This year’s fiscal plan is the strongest yet, and my team and I are excited to continue growing not only Esquire’s financial strength but also the industry for years to come.