Jim Ballowe : Better Outcomes Through Better Technology

Posted: April 25, 2019

Technology is the thread that stitches through the fabric of everything we do at Esquire. Since joining the company as Chief Information Officer in 2015, I’ve overseen the teams that manage our infrastructure, information security, and product development and delivery.

When we talk about making improvements to our technology, we’re ultimately thinking of one thing: a better customer experience. In 2019, through our developers’ ingenuity and careful attention to clients’ feedback, we’re able to serve our customers, employees, and court reporters with the best products available to date.

Enhancing the Client Experience

At the beginning of 2018, we completed a large-scale redesign of our client portal, EsquireConnect. Our new portal is more secure, delivers content up to 15 times faster than before, and presents repository data in a way that’s more aligned with specific customer preferences.

The redesigned interface has made it easier for clients to find and interact with transcripts, court documents, exhibits, and other materials for which they rely on Esquire. In each month of 2018, client utilization exceeded that of the same month in the previous year—a sign that EsquireConnect is delivering on the superior user experience we set out to create.

Developing New Projects

Continuing our focus on improving the client experience through technology, we embarked on numerous new initiatives that we’ll be rolling out in 2019. Our teams are currently working on tools for our call center that leverage clients’ historical data to make helpful suggestions that proactively answer their questions. We also aim to serve court reporters with tools that perform some of their scoping work and help them identify the highest-value jobs in their service area with our simple, intuitive interface.

Innovation has no limits—there’s always room for our user experience to be better tomorrow than it is today. After a productive 2018 and a promising start to this year, I’m confident we can make the customer experience even better in 2019.