We’ve Updated EsquireConnect Repository

Thank you for using EsquireConnect. We designed EsquireConnect as a secure and simple yet comprehensive online site to help you manage everything related to your Esquire proceedings, including retrieving your transcripts, exhibits and video-related files.

You will love our upgraded repository! Simply log in and go to the repository. The change is automatic.

Important Note

The new EsquireConnect repository contains new browser-based code to achieve its amazing things. If you have used the repository in the recent past and go to the repository and don’t see your document listings, don’t panic. It simply means your browser memory cache needs to be deleted so that the new code will work.

Here is how to do it (Chrome and Internet Explorer 11):


  • Once you’re in Chrome, press on the keyboard Control-Shift and “I” buttons at the same time. (That will bring up another smaller window on the right side of the browser, which you can ignore.)
  • Next, right-click on the “refresh” circle at the top left side of the browser screen (see image above), and select Empty Cache and Hard Reload from the drop-down list. That action will clear your browser cache and refresh the screen so you can see the repository documents.
  • Click the X at the right of the right-hand small screen to close the smaller window.
  • That’s it! This only has to be done once.

Internet Explorer 11

  • Click on the Tools menu, then Internet Options on the drop-down list.

  • Next, make sure Temporary Internet files and website files is checked, then click the Delete button at the bottom of the pop-up.
  • That’s it! You only have to do it once.

Video Tutorial

View the video tutorial.

Repository Page

Here is the new Repository page. You will notice a number of changes:

  • It has a simpler, cleaner look that goes with the new functionality
  • The Date Range determines what filter data and results are displayed
    • This means if you select this year, you won’t see case data prior to 2018
    • The default range remains one year back from today
  • Three interactive filter tables: Jurisdiction, Cases and Witness
    • No more duplicate witness names
    • Choose a case, and you’ll see the witnesses associated with the case
    • Select a witness, and you’ll see the cases associated with the witness
    • Select a jurisdiction, and you’ll see the cases and witnesses associated with the jurisdiction
    • When you see the name(s) you want, click on the Search button to display the results below
  • Quick Find has been added, so that you can narrow results instantly by typing in the Esquire job number, proceeding date, witness name, and/or case name
    • This has replaced the full-text search which many people were using to search by witness name
    • As before, the results will fall within the date range selected above
  • Each line is the results table is now a proceeding, not a file type
  • Click on the Esquire Job Number to open the new File Download window

Example: Filtered Table (Select a case, see the available witnesses)

File Download Window

  • You can now see all of the available files from the proceeding at a glance
  • You can now select one or more files, then batch download them using “All Selected Files.”
  • We have added descriptive file types

Your EsquireConnect Team