EsquireConnect Tutorials

Get more out of Esquire Deposition Solution’s EsquireConnect Client Portal by watching these short tutorials.

If you do not have an EsquireConnect account, go here.  If you need to reset your password, go here.

All About EsquireConnect: An Introduction

What is EsquireConnect?  Watch this short video to find out why EsquireConnect can help you manage your depositions … and your day.

All About EsquireConnect: My Calendar

Learn how to manage your deposition schedule with ease using EsquireConnect’s calendar, featuring attorney- and case-specific filters, mouse-over details, a summary pop-up, directions to the proceeding, and save to Calendar. Find all of the depositions for a specific attorney, then export the results to a PDF report.

All About EsquireConnect: My Activity

Find your proceedings in seconds using predictive searching, then reschedule, postpone or cancel. Create full case reports and keep everyone informed, with no additional work.

How to Change Your EsquireConnect Password

Time to change your password? Learn how to do it in seconds.

How to Link to Your Attorney’s Esquire Account

If you work on behalf of one or more attorneys, learn how to link your EsquireConnect to theirs. Gain access to their Esquire deposition calendar, invoices and repository. Need team scheduling? Easy. Two or more can link to the same attorney and share calendar and the work. An audit trail keeps track of who did what, when … and why!

How to Set Attorney Preferences

Learn how to select the confirmation and repository notification preferences for your attorneys. Should the confirmation go to the attorney? To the scheduling contact? Both? You can set your preferences in seconds.

How to Schedule Using EsquireConnect

Learn how to schedule your proceedings in under a minute using EsquireConnect. The more you use it, the less you have to type, and the more accurate you are. EsquireConnect guides you through the process of scheduling, reducing follow-up phone calls. Send out automatic email confirmations to others on your team without additional effort.

How to Use EsquireConnect Repository (New Version)

Learn how to use the power of the newly updated EsquireConnect repository to find and download your transcripts, exhibits, sign and release letters, videos, and video load files. Batch download an entire set of deposition files, or just the transcript or exhibits.

How to Reschedule a Proceeding

Whether you scheduled using EsquireConnect, or emailed your request, you can reschedule online. All of your settings are available through your EsquireConnect. Learn how to reschedule in 30 seconds or less, whether it is 10 a.m. or 10 p.m. Keep track of when you rescheduled, and you can even put in the reason for the change with EsquireConnect’s audit trail, an invaluable tool when the schedule keeps changing.

How to Postpone and Cancel a Proceeding

Learn how to postpone or cancel a proceeding in under 30 seconds, regardless of how you scheduled it.

How to Uncancel or Unpostpone a Proceeding

Learn how to uncancel or unpostpone a proceeding, any time of day or night.

How to Create a Shared Case Calendar

Keep all parties informed of the changing case calendar with EsquireConnect’s Shared Case Calendar.  Invite others to a read-only view of the calendar, and give them the option of receiving automatic change confirmation emails.

How to View, Download and Pay Your Invoices Online

Review and download your Esquire Deposition invoices to pay by mail, or pay them online. Export all case-related invoice information to a spreadsheet for better case management. Request to have your billing manager signed up to access your firm’s invoices and never again waste time looking for invoices!