EsquireConnect Repository Beta Program

In anticipation of a late summer release, we are inviting our current EsquireConnect users to participate in a beta program of the new EsquireConnect Repository, providing you access to your transcript and exhibit repository within your EsquireConnect account (

If you choose to be in this program, you will receive new EsquireConnect Repository notifications with links to download all available documents. You will also have access to the new repository through the REPOSITORY menu in your current EsquireConnect account. The repository will contain transcripts and exhibits published after June 1, 2015. All documents prior to that date will continue to be available through your EsquireShare account (

During this pilot program you will continue to receive your current transcript notifications.

Click on the button below to sign up for the program. Indicate whether you would like a short training session. All users will receive support during the program, and can request to no longer participate by contacting Peter Hare at Toward the end of this program we will send you a brief online survey for your feedback.

We are excited about this new repository because it incorporates many of the features our clients have requested:

  • Access to the transcript and exhibit repository within your EsquireConnect account
  • Access to the repository of each attorney to whom you are linked in EsquireConnect
  • Fielded search filters by date range, witness, attorney and case, plus full-text search, to narrow search results
  • Ability to download one file, batch download all files from one witness date, or batch download all files related to a case

Please note that the initial version of EsquireConnect Repository does not include synchronized video. You should continue to use EsquireShare as your video and transcript archive repository.

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