Esquire Deposition Videoconference Tutorials

Learn more about how to use Zoom videoconferencing from these short tutorials.

How to connect phone to video session when you didn’t enter the participant ID first, and you see a phone icon on your screen when you speak

Scenario: A participant dialed into the Zoom session first, then entered into the session on her computer.  Now when she speaks, there is a phone icon on the screen, rather than her face.  How can she fix it?

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How to switch between Zoom’s different screen views

Scenario:  What are the different views available in Zoom, and how can I be sure that the deponents is always the largest picture on the screen?

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How to switch from computer audio to telephone while remaining in the videoconference session

Scenario: A participant joined by computer audio, but discovered they can’t heard that well through their computer’s speakers, and others can’t hear him.  How can he switch over to using the telephone without starting the sign-on process all over again?

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How to share documents in a Zoom videoconference session

Scenario:  An attorney wants to share documents through Zoom.  What instructions do you give her?

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