EsquireConnect 2020 Invoice Page Update

March 2, 2020. Esquire Deposition Solutions has released a new version of the EsquireConnect Invoices page. The Invoices has the unprecedented flexibility you requested, using familiar EsquireConnect features such as QuickFind searching and filters.

Search, filter, create reports, print out invoices and confirmations when you pay online, with the same access rights as you have with the rest of EsquireConnect.

If you are an Esquire client and need your EsquireConnect password, contact us at

Access Rights

  • Ordering attorneys and legal staff linked to the ordering attorneys will see (just) their invoices
  • Billing managers or other management can request to see all invoices for their firm office by sending a note to

Invoices Page

  • The Invoices page will initially display open (unpaid) invoices for the past three years, with the option of also displaying paid invoices
  • Change the date range by selecting the beginning or end date and selecting a new date.

Finding invoices


  • Filter results by Ordering Attorney, Case and Client
  • Note:  A “Client” is the billed party: either the firm, or a corporate client with whom Esquire also has a relationship and is responsible for paying the invoices


  • Find any invoice or group of invoices by entering any keywords that appear in the search results, such as the invoice number or witness name


  • Create instant reports in Excel or PDF once you have your search results
  • For example, filter by case name for the past five years, paid and unpaid invoices, and show all invoices for that case in the results table, then print a report to PDF or Excel

Pay Invoices

  • Pay individual or multiple invoices using one of the four major credit cards
  • Print a copy of invoice
  • Once paid
    • See a printable confirmation pop-up with confirmation number
    • Print a copy of the invoice with a zero balance

A tutorial has been added to

If you have any questions, please contact