Esquire Deepens Commitment to Growth of Court Reporting Profession

Deposition services company becomes official partner of National Court Reporters Association

Atlanta, GA, June 12, 2018 – Esquire Deposition Solutions ( today announced it is investing in the future of court reporting by joining the National Court Reporters Association as an Industry Champion Partner.

The annual sponsorship, one of the first in the NCRA’s inaugural corporate partnership program, will help NCRA deepen the skills and expand the opportunities of its 16,000 court reporters as well as guide young people into the profession.

“We are thrilled to partner with the NCRA at this exciting time, and we are eager to help lead the industry into a bright future,” said Terrie Campbell, CEO of Esquire Deposition Solutions, LLC. “There are many important decisions to be made, and we are eager to be a leading voice of transformative growth and development of this important field.”

Esquire’s investment will help court reporters develop professional excellence, cultivate their businesses, and mentor the next generation.

“Corporate partners like Esquire help sustain and grow our profession,” said NCRA Executive Director and CEO Marcia Ferranto. “The company’s experience and reputation in the industry provide the foundation of a solid partnership that will endure well into the future.”

Working with Esquire, NCRA-certified court reporters handle over 125,000 depositions every year. They average 10 years of on-the-job experience across all litigation practice areas and are carefully matched to the requirements of clients’ cases.

“Esquire has increasingly taken a leadership position in strengthening the vital relationship between independent court reporters and the organizations they work with,” said Joanne Lee, RPR, of the Esquire Court Reporter Council, a team of independent court reporters created to provide feedback on issues impacting court reporters throughout the country. “With this investment, Esquire powerfully demonstrates that its interests are aligned with ours. We’re excited to see the company leverage its resources, presence, experience, technology and knowhow for the vitality of our industry.”

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